Wattrans, Inc.
Wattrans, Inc., a California based transport company, uses GPS vehicle tracking system to improve fleet miles driven annually.

It is simple to use and its fast to get my info from anywhere that I am, including on my iPhone. The extra miles on trips has been reduced from an average of 5% down to 2%. Drivers do not attempt to tell us they are on time when they know we can see they are not.” – Lyndon Watt


Wattrans was founded in 2001 to be a transportation industry leader serving cities within a 50-mile radius of Interstate 15 freeway through California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The company specializes in shipping general freight, paper products, fresh produce, beverages and refrigerated foods.


Lyndon Watt was looking for a reliable fleet tracking software to provide better customer service for his clients.

Specific solutions needed for Wattrans included:

  • Easy to Use and Implement
  • Fast Access to Real-Time Data
  • Provided Convenient Access via iPhone

After researching GPS trailer tracking options with four previous companies, Mr. Watts decided to take a closer look at the options provided by GPSTrackit.com/.


  • The L2000
  • The L2000 Trailer

Both the real-time truck tracking and GPS trailer tracking solutions provide the company data to maximize their fleet management system.

The data provided tells Mr. Watt where his drivers are, what they are doing, and if they were on-time or not. Vehicle location and status are important benefits to Wattrans.

The L2000 and the L2000 Trailer are also perfect GPS devices to use for asset monitoring and protection, another concern for Wattrans, Inc.


truck trackingWattrans contacted GPSTrackit.com/ for a GPS vehicle tracking system to allow the company to deliver a higher level of customer service to its clientele, by knowing where their fleet vehicles and equipment were at all times.

Real-time data provided by the L2000 and the L2000 Trailer gives dispatch the ability to know where their fleet of trucks and trailers are at any given point during the business day.

This has resulted in a direct drop in extra miles driven between trips from five percent, before, down to two percent, after adding truck tracking to the company fleet management system.

That is a 60% reduction in extra miles.

Now, if a customer calls in to check on the status of a load, Wattrans is able to track the information in real-time, providing the clients with more accurate and up-to-date information about their loads.

Using the L2000 and L2000 Trailer, Wattrans can determine:

  • What driver has the load
  • Where the load is in transit
  • Length of time before the load will be delivered

This information is helpful in making arrangements with customers where necessary, if a load will be late or delayed.

This has saved the company time and money, which has allowed them to begin increasing the number of deliveries made during the business day.