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This weeks news focus is fleet management.

Global Fleet Management:
 There are More Similarities than You Think

When thinking about fleet management, you would think that things may be done differently in different parts of the world.

With the bottom line being vehicle tracking and monitoring, it’s no surprise that there are more similarities in fleet management than you think.

Regardless of whether you are located state-side or across the pond, a GPS tracking device is an added benefit for streamlining and organizing your fleet management business.

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Slow Recovery Requires Fleet Managers to Adapt to the ‘New Normal’

With the economy still figuring out where it wants to turn, fleet managers are having to get creative with how they are doing business.

In order to ‘adapt’ companies are adopting engine idling polices, purchasing hybrid and more economic friendly vehicles, leaning more heavily on their FMC’s for support and solutions, and are even keeping vehicles in service longer.

Implementing a fleet management tool, such as a GPS tracking and location device, companies can begin saving more by: monitoring driving habits, scheduling maintenance alerts, and being able to eliminate errors in billing due to manual entries.

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Managing Driver Performance Drives Bottom-Line Gains

Being able to understand and correct driver-behaviors is beneficial to the bottom line of any fleet management operation.

Transportation companies such as Schneider and Dupre’ are implementing driver-performance monitoring programs to improve operations.

Using a GPS solution with geofencing is a cost effective way for businesses of any industry to begin doing the same.

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