Most fleet tracking systems are primarily designed to track only vehicles and their activities. Of course, drivers and their behavior are also monitored, but only while they are actually in the vehicle, and only if you know for certain which employee is driving. If you want to track both your vehicles and your drivers while they’re on the job, look for a provider that offers key fobs for drivers.

There are countless GPS tracking software features that can help you locate vehicles, optimize routes, and even save on maintenance costs. However, the one thing that the software cannot control is the human element. Just because you know where a vehicle is located does not mean that the driver is with it, or that you know which driver is in the vehicle. Key fobs help eliminate some of these unknown factors so you can better optimize your fleet.

How to Use Key Fobs with Fleet Tracking Systems

A key fob for fleet tracking systems is a small device that drivers keep with them at all times while they are on the clock. This unobtrusive system can be used to:

  • Confirm that the driver is in the vehicle to which they were assigned
  • Clock in and out for more accurate timekeeping
  • Verify time sheets before running payroll
  • Monitor driver locations
  • Run reports on actual driver behavior, not just on vehicles
  • Determine which driver was using a particular vehicle at a given time

Key fobs are especially useful if you have multiple drivers assigned to each vehicle in your fleet. Without this handy device, you would not necessarily know which driver was speeding or braking hard one week ago. Now you have the power to monitor both drivers and vehicles.

Key fobs are just one of the many new features for fleet tracking systems that GPSTrackIt has recently introduced. We also provide vehicle trail to route comparison to increase driver accountability, and instant alert buttons to help protect employees in the field. Your drivers, like your vehicles, are a valuable asset. Monitoring their behavior also helps you protect them and your business.

GPSTrackIt offers fleet tracking systems for all types of businesses. Whether you manage two vehicles or twenty, we have a solution that will match your needs. We’ll help you evaluate your existing fleet management system and find cost-effective ways to improve it. Talk to a Fleet Advisor to schedule a free consultation and start optimizing your fleet today.

How do you currently track drivers and vehicles? Is it an effective system?