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Lowering fleet costs of ownership

Many light- and medium-duty fleet operations are not in the trucking business. In your world, trucks can be that “necessary evil,” a cost of doing business that you simply can’t survive or succeed without. However, you also know that fielding dependable trucks that are equipped to meet your company’s and its customers’ needs—and operating them at the lowest possible cost—can provide a big boost to your bottom line.

How to Determine What Size is the Right Size

Rightsizing is more than simply utilizing smaller displacement engines or vehicle downsizing. It involves ensuring the optimal number of properly spec’ed vehicles are available for fleets to fulfill their mission.  In an era of ever-tightening fleet budgets, “rightsizing” has become the go-to strategy for squeezing greater cost-efficiencies out of vehicle fleets, without diminishing service to customers. But, achieving the proper equilibrium between vehicle inventory and service levels is often easier said than done, because rightsizing is never a one-time job. As the needs of the business change, so do vehicle requirements.

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Nominations Open for the 2013 Fleet Executive of the Year

Fleet Financials magazine is now accepting nominations for the 2013 Fleet Executive of the Year Award. Note the deadline for nominations is Monday, June 3. The Fleet Executive of the Year award is sponsored by The CEI Group.

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