Does this sound like your business? You’re keeping track of your day-to-day work with pen, paper, Post-It notes, and your memory—and you’re keeping up, but barely. Maybe a few things are getting missed–or you’d like to expand, but there are only so many hours in the day (or space in your brain!). There is another, more efficient way to run your business, improve efficiency and grow your client base. Field service technology companies can help you modernize your operation and do more business with the same crews and vehicles you already have. Let’s examine what field service technology companies do, and three reasons it’s time for you to make the switch. 

What Do Field Service Technology Companies Do? 

Field service technology companies provide software solutions that enable business owners to manage their teams, resources, and operations more efficiently. These companies offer comprehensive software packages that include real-time monitoring of technicians in the field, automated invoicing and payments processing, GPS tracking capabilities, customer portals for customers to place orders or check progress updates directly from the company’s website, and much more.  

Reduce Costs with More Efficient Routing 

A field service technology company like GPS Trackit offers an easy-to-install system that gives you real-time information about your vehicles’ location—along with data about how those vehicles are being operated. You can look at an easy-to-understand dashboard and see where everything is, along with each vehicle’s route traveled, time spent on a job, fuel efficiency, and many other measurables. This gives you the power to reduce your fuel spend, make better routing decisions and send the right crews to the right jobs. All of this costs less than a cup of coffee per day per vehicle. An upgraded system will even show you in-cab and driver-view video feeds so that you can protect your crews from fraudulent accident claims. 

Improve Customer Service

Customers love accurate information about when your technicians will arrive–something good field service technology companies can provide. GPS Trackit’s ETA Link gives you the power to text or call a client and send a link so they can follow on a map exactly when their service provider will get to their location. This means happier customers–and improved word-of-mouth recommendations. The software also makes it easy to accurately record travel and job times, so you can quote similar jobs in those locations more accurately. Why guess when you can know?  

Keep Your Most Valuable Crew Members 

The best crew members know the value they bring to your fleet. With better metrics, you can measure and reward that behavior, and show your most valuable people that their efforts will be recognized. It can cost up to two-thirds of a year’s salary to replace a crew member, not to mention the amount of time it takes to get someone new up to speed. The right field service technology companies help you stay out of that hiring cycle in the first place. 

Sounds good? And maybe a little bit daunting? Don’t worry. You’re not in it alone. GPS Trackit’s team of experienced Fleet Advisors can walk you through a free demo customized for your business and show you exactly how it works—and how much you can save. Click here to set up your free consultation today.