Fleet Management ReportsEffective fleet management requires more than just knowing where all of your vehicles are at a given time. You also need to manage drivers, integrate customer billing, control your fuel budget, schedule maintenance, and do many other ongoing tasks. Using a GPS fleet management solution is the most cost-effective way for you to reduce costs, streamline communications, and improve overall performance.

When selecting a fleet management solution, you will discover that different providers offer various features. Many of them are common to all GPS tracking systems, but others are unique to the software or provider. Carefully evaluate all of your options before you decide which one is the best fit for your business.

Six Fleet Management Solution Features You Need

If you want to get the most from your investment, you need features that will contribute to a good ROI by reducing costs and boosting profits. Look for these essential elements of a good fleet management solution:

  1. Mobile apps – If any business needs a mobile app, it’s fleet management. The very nature of the business is mobility. Both drivers and managers need mobile solutions that will help improve productivity and streamline communications.
  2. Two-way messaging – Dispatchers and drivers constantly communicate, so it’s important that this process is as easy as possible on both sides. Look for a GPS tracking solution with integrated two-way communication to ensure that all of your employees can operate as efficiently as possible.
  3. Reports – The more ways you can look at your GPS track log data, the better you can make important fleet decisions. Make sure you can run reports on idling, location, speeding, start/stop times, and other metrics that you want to monitor.
  4. Alerts – There are some activities that you want to know about when they happen, not a week later when you run the report. Look for a solution that allows you to create alerts for idling, speeding, landmarks, and other driver behaviors.
  5. Analytics – Robust reporting tools are essential for any fleet manager, but sometimes all you need is a quick snapshot view so you can make a fast decision. A GPS tracking solution with analytic reports does just this. You can compare driver behavior over any period of time, and easy-to-understand graphics make trends or unusual behavior stand out.
  6. Route optimization – Start the day with the most efficient route and send it directly to drivers in the field. As much as you and your dispatchers try to plan ahead, unexpected calls or route changes are inevitable. When this happens, you want a GPS tracking system that allows both dispatchers and drivers to update routes so they can stay efficient throughout the day.

GPS Trackit offers all of these important features and many more. We’ll help you select the best GPS tracking system for your needs and provide ongoing customer support for as long as you use the equipment. Request a quote today to get started with your customized GPS tracking solution.

Which fleet management features are most important for your business?

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