If you are in the fleet management business, you are likely aware of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) bill that Congress enacted in July 2012. This new legislation aims to make America’s roads safer by implementing several different protocols for drivers and transportation businesses. One of the requirements that will impact fleet management professionals is the switch to electronic logs.

This particular component of the law is scheduled to be finalized in 2013 and the effective date will be at some time to be determined in 2015. What does this mean for fleet managers? For all drivers currently required to keep a paper log, you will need implement compliant electronic recording devices in the next couple of years.

Fleet Management Tools for EOBR

Electronic on-board recording, or EOBR, is already available with some GPS tracking solution providers. It’s important to note that none of these solutions are certified because a certification program has not yet been developed. That said, you can benefit from switching to electronic logs sooner rather than later.

Implementing a GPS tracking solution with electronic time keeping will not only put you ahead of the compliance curve, it also comes with several other benefits:

  • State mileage reporting – Integrated ProMiles solutions make mileage tax reporting easy, especially if you operate in multiple states.
  • Billing accuracy – Your administrative staff can bill for actual time spent on a job site, mileage, or travel time.
  • Driver accountability – Time sheet verification keeps drivers honest and helps you maximize your labor budget. GPS fleet management also allows you to monitor driver locations, so you can be sure they are on the job when they’re supposed to be.

The GPS Trackit Driver Tablet Site has integrated electronic time keeping so drivers can clock in and out while in the field. The time logs can be easily verified based on the location of the vehicle at the time and what it is doing (driving, idling, or off). While Driver is not a certified e-log solution – because there is no certification standard yet – it is a great first step in the transition to the EOBR mandate.

If you are affected by the MAP-21 EOBR mandate, let GPS Trackit be your fleet management partner. Our cutting edge technology and user-friendly software makes compliance a snap, and your drivers will benefit from other useful features such as two-way communication with dispatchers and route optimization in the field. Speak to a Fleet Advisor today to get started.

How will the EOBR mandate and other MAP-21 changes impact your business?

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