Complete Asset Protection
After Hours Usage Alerts
Avoid Theft and Misuse

GPS Asset Tracking Software & Systems

GPS Asset Tracking Solution

Protect against theft and misuse, while receiving standard reporting and unlimited data storage for company records with GPSTrackIt’s Asset Tracking Solutions, easy to use systems for real-time GPS locating and GPS vehicle tracking. With options for either scheduled daily reporting, or locate on demand tracking, GPSTrackIt provides increased security and more efficient inventory control for any asset.

Text and Email Alerts
Starter Disable
Back-Up Battery (optional)
Assign Alerts by User with Unlimited Additional Users

Protection for Vehicles and Equipment

A good asset tracking system not only guards against equipment theft, tampering and misuse, it also proactively supports reporting and communications.

Easily Track and View Location of all Assets
Prevent Theft and Misuse
Recover Assets Quickly
Extra Protection with Starter Disable

easily find equipment across work sites

Prevent theft and misuse with real-time alerts