GPS Trackit’s Fleet Manager has been enhanced with an updated reporting system.  The redesign streamlines workflow and makes accessing customer data faster and easier.

Press Release - Reporting System Enhancements Take Fleet Manager to the Next LevelTemecula, CA  September 6th, 2014 – GPS Trackit’s has released a new version of their reporting system.  When version 3.5 of the Fleet Manager vehicle tracking and fleet management application was released in 2012, it could generate complex reports with a few mouse clicks.  In the roughly two years since its release, user feedback and the introduction of an ever-growing list of out-of-the-box reports prompted developers to do a redesign.

“It goes against the ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ way of thinking,” said Eddie Bermudez, GPS Trackit’s Product Development Manager.  “Our customers loved our new reports and the reporting system used to generate them.  They loved them so much they had lots of ideas about how to make them better.”

GPS Trackit’s listened when their customers spoke.

“We’ve combined our report generator with the report scheduler,” continued Bermudez.  “It made sense to have them together and to use the same user interface for both.”

Any of the reports can be automated, scheduled to run off hours and delivered to designated contacts.  The reports can run at regular intervals.

“Our users also requested the ability to display multiple reports simultaneously,” added Bermudez.  “They wanted to be able to compare data without printing.  So we modified the way reports are displayed.”

Following the overall design of Fleet Manager’s tabbed user interface, GPS Trackit’s engineers added the ability to display up to eight reports separated by tabs. Report content can be compared by clicking on the tabs to display each report’s content.

“We’ve added lots of other functionality to our reports”, said Bermudez. “Any report containing location data now has the capability of creating a landmark from that location simply by clicking on an icon.  We can also display the location on a map with a mouseclick.  And we’ve added several new filters for things like speed and the number of minutes stopped and at idle.”

There’s one more change to Fleet Manager’s reporting capabilities that was customer-inspired.

“We’re now accepting requests from our customers who are looking for reports with different organization,” concluded Bermudez.  “Most of the data in our existing reports can be reconfigured by adding or removing fields, or changing their field order in the report output.”

Customers interested in learning more about the new customization should contact GPS Trackit’s technical support department.