“Knowledge is power” is a commonly held belief, but that’s only part of the story. Information itself has no power per se. The real benefit comes from what you do with that information.

Blog - GPS Track It Fleet Software HighlightsOur GPS tracking system gives you real-time information about the location of your vehicles and equipment. It’s our state-of-the-art fleet software that makes it such an invaluable fleet management solution. The data is gathered and processed into effective tools that help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Here’s a look at some of the sophisticated features you enjoy with our FleetManager software:

Route Planning and Two-Way Messaging

Save time with more precise dispatching ability. Direct your employees to a specific address, landmark, or even another unit. The tablet site allows for two-way communication via text or email.

View Driver Activity in Real Time

Our Maps interface gives you an overview of all your drivers while allowing you to zoom in on a particular operator when needed. Use geofencing to receive alerts about arrivals and departures at job sites. You can also see at a glance which driver is closest to a site, optimizing field time.

Driver Analytics and Reports

The days of sifting through mountains of data to put it in a workable order are gone. Our software gathers input on fuel use, vehicle speed, equipment hours and other variables, compiling the information into easy-to-use reports. View data by individual, group, time period or any other parameter you specify.

Maintenance Reminders

Timely maintenance is one of the biggest factors affecting costs and efficiency. Text and email reminders ensure that you’ll never miss another oil change. Customize the alerts to use time, miles or engine hours as the criteria.

Mobile Access

Our software is available through tablet and smartphone apps so it can go anywhere you and you employees go. Unlimited cloud storage lets you access data from anywhere and eliminates the need for extensive in-house resources.

The “knowledge” of our management software will give you a power over your fleet operations that have never before been possible. With Fleet Manager you’ll watch your efficiency go up as your expenses come down.

When you are ready to get serious about profitability for your fleet, please contact us at GPSTrackI.com/t to find out more about our GPS fleet management tracking and tools.