Pool Service Business Regulations and Chemicals 

Pool service business regulations are developed by government agencies to make sure that treated water facilities deliver a clean, healthy, and safe environment for owners and the community. The guidelines are state-specific and set a minimum standard such as the quantity of chlorine that pools should be treated with in order to reduce the risk of illnesses and injuries. For recreational water venues for example, state and local representatives normally do inspections to ensure that these regulations are followed.

The correct operation and upkeep of pool facilities is fundamental for a secure and protected swimming setting. Following specific state and local requirements as well as CDC recommendations can help prevent water illness and harm. These suggestions for swimming staff are available online to use when operating and maintaining aquatic facilities, and to prevent water-growing illnesses. Pool operators and managers are usually well trained on how to prevent pool chemical injuries and illnesses.

How Companies Keep Track of Pool Workers and Fleets 

In order to ensure pool workers and technicians stay in route and account for chemicals and equipment, companies use GPS tracking as part of securing these chemicals and protecting assets from theft, which is of outmost importance. Companies offering pool service can track their technicians and their fleet vehicles with tools like GPS tracking for dependable and fast information on their trucks’ locations. These in turn help with scheduling, save gas, and verify a particular pool was suitably cleaned. In a nutshell, our GPS tracking solutions enables managers to quickly answer customer questions, solve issues and most importantly retain the customers. 

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Pool Chemicals and Theft

Pool chemicals, such as chlorine and bromine, are added to treated pools, hot tubs, and others to protect people from the spread of germs and prevent disease outbreaks. These swimming pool chemicals kill germs that cause illness, stop the growth of algae, protect pool equipment, and keep the water clean and comfortable for swimming. Other chemicals help with the disinfection process, improve water quality, and stop corrosion and scaling of expensive equipment. 

These chemicals are also used in hot tubs, water parks, and other recreational water places. However, these chemicals  used to clean and disinfect pools can be hazardous. The chemicals and disinfection byproducts can also be found in the air near a pool, especially if the pool is indoors. Workers handling these chemicals might be injured if they are not mixed together accurately, or when appropriate protective gear is not used while handling them. Injuries can happen among lifeguards, maintenance employees, pool supply vendors and delivery workers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that pool chemical injuries account for as many as 5,200 emergency room visits each year in the United States. 

Hiring the right GPS tracking company to protect property and chemicals from theft is essential. A company that tracks their expert technicians performing tasks such as adding chemicals to the pool or to chemical feeder systems, transporting chemicals, and cleaning up after spills will minimize the risk of injuries.

GPS Tracking to Secure and Protect Assets and Fleets

GPS Trackit offers a complete solution package for your pool service fleet. Knowing the whereabouts of your vehicles and behavior of your drivers gives you more insight into your business and driver behaviors. The benefits of these fleet management tools include: 

  • Keeping track of employees to complete more profitable service calls each week
  • Reducing vehicle maintenance costs
  • Lowering fuel costs from idling, speeding and harsh driving
  • Providing customers with accurate ETAs and proof of service
  • Securing vehicles, assets and tools
  • Customized email or text alerts to drivers

If you’d like to learn more about how GPS Trackit can help to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs for your business, speak with one of our knowledgeable Fleet Advisors at 866-320-5810 or get a quick Custom Quote.






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