GPS Tracking Fleet ManagementEffectively running a business requires multiple tools and systems. You need an accounting system, office software, sales processes, a customer relationship management solution, and the list goes on. If you own or manage multiple vehicles, you also need a GPS tracking fleet management solution to ensure that you operate efficiently while keeping costs low.

If you get the right GPS tracking fleet management system you can use it across multiple areas of your business, including customer management.

Optimizing Customer Interactions with Fleet GPS

There are several ways you can use your GPS tracking fleet management system to improve customer site visits.

  • Estimate arrival times – Accurately predict when drivers will arrive based on real information. Whether you plan a smart route at the beginning of the day or dispatch the closest vehicle in response to a customer call, you can give customers more accurate arrival times.
  • Get there on time – Drivers can get the most efficient route with the click of a button, so no matter where they are in the field, they can get to their next stop as quickly as possible.
  • Use third-party apps – The more you can get done onsite, the more quickly you can get paid. Third-party apps that allow customers to sign contracts and even make payments will allow you to work more efficiently and speed up the billing process.
  • Eliminate double data entry – Paper time sheets, mileage logs, and customer information forms can be eliminated with GPS tracking fleet management tools. Not only does this save you time by eliminating double data entry, it also ensures better accuracy.
  • Bill more accurately – Don’t rely on drivers to tell you how long they were at a customer site. Simply run a report from your GPS track log and you can bill based on actual time spent at a specific location. Customers will appreciate the attention to detail, and you can be confident that every billable minute is accounted for.
  • Appear more professional – Integrating multiple systems allows you present a more polished, professional image to your customers. Both of you will benefit from the efficiency that helps save time and money.

GPS Trackit’s Driver Tablet Site has all the tools you need to optimize customer site visits using your GPS tracking fleet management system. Features like two-way messaging and route optimization ensure that drivers arrive on time, while integrated customizable forms help you gather all the information you need in one entry. Because it works on any tablet platform, you can use any of your third-party apps to collect payment, update customer records, or sign contracts, all from one device. If you would like to learn more about Driver or any other GPS tracking solution, contact us today.

Can your GPS tracking solution do all this?

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