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Efficient Driving Equals Fleet Savingsfuelcosts

We all know that idling and running the air conditioner can negatively affect a vehicle’s fuel economy, but a new study backs those claims with hard numbers.

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A Tale of Two Drivers Says a Lot About Fuel Use

A recent caller said he and his friend had just finished a two-month test of how their driving habits affect fuel mileage.  Tests like this are often meaningless because there are too many variables to make good comparisons, bu


t these two, driving trucks of similar specs, did it right. Each tracked fuel mileage closely for 30 days, then they switched trucks. Without making any other changes, they tracked fuel mileage again for 30 days, minimizing the difference in the trucks.

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75 Ways to Cut Your Fleet’s Fuel Costs

With the “new norm” cost of diesel at $4 per gallon, fleets should be looking at every possible opportunity to lower fuel consumption. Like no other time in the trucking industry, every drop counts.

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