GPS Trackit will be releasing a new GPS trailer tracking unit in April 2012.

Current trailer tracking products available from GPS Trackit include the L2000 Trailer, X4000BE Trailer, and the XT4000 Trailer.

GPS Trailer Tracking

Much like the existing XT4000, the new trailer tracking system is compact, weather-resistant, reliable, and wireless.

This new trailer tracker will provide users with auto updates on trailer locations, low battery, and motion alerts.

Reporting Features

  • Simple Report
  • Detailed Report
  • Landmark Report

Though this unit is primarily the same as the XT4000 GPS trailer tracking unit currently offered by GPS Trackit, the newer unit will boast a longer battery life.

Slated for arrival towards months end, the new trailer tracking product is currently undergoing field testing.

We will update with more details as they are made available.