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This weeks news focus is on green fleet.

Year-Long Minneapolis Green Fleet Policy Cuts Fleet Size, Pollution

Government Fleet spoke with John Scharffbillig, director of fleet services and Al Thunberg, fleet manager for Minneapolis about their approved Green Fleet Policy, one year later.

Scharffbillig noted benefits in learning actual cost per vehicle annually to help reduce city fleet and overhead costs.

In addition to increasing the number of fuel-efficient vehicles to their fleet, implementing a GPS solution will increase savings by reducing wear & tear from engine idling, providing green routing, and further helping to reduce fuel consumption.

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Cummins Begins Development of 15.0L Natural Gas Engine

Alternative fuel options are in great demand with the surge in gas prices being felt at the pumps.

Needing to find solutions for the transportation industry, diesel engine producer, Cummins, has announced it has begun products a 15.0L Heavy-Duty, spark-ignited natural gas engine with a 12-L version that will begin production in 2013.

With fleets growing, there is an increasing need to green the company fleet. The key is understanding what your business needs are and finding the right solution to meet them.

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US Navy Sails 1,200 Miles on Algae Biofuel

The USS Ford recently sailed over 1,200 nautical miles from just south of Everett, Wa., down to San Diego, Ca., using 25,000 gallons of Soladiesel, an algae biofuel, blended with F-76 military diesel.

This alternative fuel demo shows the Navy sailing full steam ahead to producing a “Great Green Fleet’ powered by alternative fuels by 2016.

Businesses looking to reduce fuel consumption, improve vehicle emissions, and implement green routing are learning GPS technology can help green their fleet.

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