Accurate and comprehensive data collection has made GPS tracking for businesses an integral part of an effective fleet management program. High-tech software produces detailed reports on demand, while the information can be stored indefinitely for instant reference.

No matter how beneficial a change is to the workplace, employees who are used to the “old” way of doing things frequently offer resistance. The “Big Brother” connotation of GPS tracking for businesses makes implementation even more likely to generate pushback.

With a little planning and consideration, you can smooth the path for wary employees. Use these tips to help relieve their concerns and encourage buy-in.

“Somebody’s watching me!”

Employees assume that GPS tracking is intended to spy on them for punitive reasons. Change their perspective by explaining that it’s a proactive way to coach efficient and productive behaviors. Every business has metrics that are used to measure, evaluate and improve job performance. GPS tracking is a tool to maximize effectiveness, not a way to look over employees’ shoulders.

“How does GPS tracking benefit our company?”

GPS tracking enables greater efficiency in all departments, from maintenance to dispatch to customer service. When everyone is operating at a high level, communication improves and less time is spent trying to iron out problems.

Features such as accurate routing and maintenance alerts add more money to the bottom line, keeping the company financially healthy. Data can be used as the basis for bonuses and incentive programs tied to fuel conservation and other parameters.

“How does GPS tracking benefit me?”

While good employees are team players, personal benefits of change give them more incentive to internalize new procedures and processes.

  • GPS tracking provides iron-clad documentation of activity that can clear drivers in case of traffic mishaps or customer complaints.
  • Reports include detailed information regarding arrival and departure at a particular site, giving employees proof of completed jobs.
  • Employees are freed from the tedious record keeping that previously had to be done manually.

Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking for businesses includes a hardware and software package designed to meet your company’s specific requirements. Speak with a Fleet Advisor to learn more about why GPS Trackit is the solution to your fleet management needs.