Do you keep promising yourself that you’ll organize your workplace once you get some free time? In today’s competitive business environment, free time is a luxury that’s rarely enjoyed. Time is money when it comes to fleet management, and you can’t afford to be slowed down by a chaotic office.

Implementing GPS tracking for businesses is a giant step toward organization thanks to automated record keeping and improved communication. Here are five more tips to boost productivity and reduce office disarray.

  1. Rearrange the furniture.

If file cabinets and trash cans are inconveniently located, you’ll end up finding an easier place to deposit papers, which will most likely be your desktop. Take a look at your office set-up and make sure it has a logical arrangement.

  1. Organize your desktop.

Treat your desktop the way chefs treat their counter space. Have the essentials in place and clear out the rest. If you use it occasionally, it goes inside the desk. If you never use it, out it goes.

  1. Develop a consistent filing method.

An intricate filing system defeats the purpose. Sort alphabetically, chronologically, or any other way that makes sense and works for you. Thanks to GPS tracking for businesses and other high-tech methods, many files are now stored digitally, but they should still be reviewed and purged on a regular basis to prevent clutter.

  1. Practice time management.

Many people tend to be reactive instead of proactive, which often results in a string of half-finished tasks as they flit from one to another. Schedule projects just as you would appointments, but leave enough room to be flexible.

  1. Plan emails and phone calls carefully.

Emails and phone calls can blossom into huge time-wasters. Schedule blocks of time to handle communication. Include all the necessary information so you and others don’t get caught up in a game of tag.

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