In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) Tracking: Everything You Need to Know

Transportation and logistics can be complicated. You have a full plate with managing driving habits, delivering loads on time, responding to roadside emergencies, and monitoring large fleets of vehicles. There is plenty of room for driver and route optimization as well as cost optimizations and quicker disaster response. What if you could preserve your drivers’ health and better maintain your fleet while saving on cost and delivering more quickly?

Terry Gunnels manages his risk and reduces complexity with GPS Trackit’s simple technology solution that is, “Very easy to set up and use, and works with my mobile devices allowing me 24/7 view of my equipment and driver activities.”

What Is An IVMS?

The In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) is an electronic device that is located within each of your fleet vehicles. It records a range of information about a driver’s behavior and vehicle performance. It is the black box of the motor vehicle world and revolutionary technology that the logistics and transportation industry can benefit from.

The IVMS module records live data on speeding, acceleration, braking, seat belt use, location and route monitoring, and more, all time and date stamped. This gives you an accurate and detailed picture of exactly what is happening at any point within your fleet.

This technology serves as a central place of fleet management including:
● Vehicle usage
● Error codes
● Fuel efficiency
● Driver ID
● Driver behaviors that can be monitored for compliance and oversight

Why Do You Need An IVMS?

Driver Monitoring:

With this advanced technology you can monitor driver fatigue. Real-time in-vehicle alerts are based on accelerometers to detect any accidents such as rollovers and reckless driving. You can set up these alerts to help drivers comply with industry regulations when they need to pull over and take a break. You will also have access to reports on the length of the trip which you can use to schedule driver rest periods.

Disaster Response and Prevention:

Time off due to injuries, compensation pay-outs, and industry standards – all affect the bottom line, avoid this by using IVMS technology. The IVMS allows you to create a panic button. This can either be wireless or in-vehicle which can connect to core safety features like seatbelts, doors and brakes. Then reports will be sent to you from the in-vehicle feedback for various events such as movement without a seatbelt. If the driver is unresponsive you can trigger an alert and send direct response to the driver and vehicle in distress.

Compliance Efficiency:

One of the most challenging parts of your transportation and logistics business is compliance. The IVMS keeps track of driver IDs, trip details and other important regulatory information required for audits. Crush your audits with organized and accurate data to ensure you pass your audits with flying colors.

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Theft Prevention and Connectivity:

Your vehicles will always be connected and reporting to you, even if they are out of cellular coverage. High quality GPS/GNSS receivers that determine position, speed and direction keep your vehicles communicating with you no matter how isolated the delivery location.

In the case of vehicle theft, you will be able to send coordinates to the authorities to speed up retrieval and assistance to your drivers if needed. You can rest easy knowing that with IVMS you will always have real-time location information on your fleet.

Data-Rich Reporting:

You can seek out and optimize your processes, routes and times if you have the right data insights. With GPS TrackIt’s asset tracking solution, reports arrive automatically, making it easier than ever to get the information you need about your fleet exactly when you need it. You can receive real-time temperature, speed, safety, and fuel monitoring reports — and all are easily customizable. Data storage is unlimited with our records, which are kept safe so you can access the material at any time for business and compliance purposes.

The Benefits of Your IVMS:

Asset Tracking Benefits & Cost Savings:

Insurance is an inevitable part of doing business in the transportation industry, however the cost associated with insurance is within your control. With IVMS you get improved security and monitoring capabilities which in turn reduce the perceived risk of your fleet by insurance companies, thus lowering your monthly premiums.
Your operations can be streamlined to maximize your delivery times and reduce unnecessary labor cost. This is because the insights you receive from the technology can be used to dynamically schedule your drivers for peak efficiency.
Here’s how IVMS saves time on vehicle reporting regulations for Power and Construction Group of New York:

“We started this relationship as an experiment to see how GPS tracking of vehicles could impact our operations as a construction company. The first 10 vehicles tracked eventually grew to 168 and is on its way to our full fleet of over 200 vehicles. The initial interest was in preparing State Mileage reports. That process went from a manual effort requiring 1 hour per truck per month for 30 vehicles to six clicks of the mouse to handle all vehicles for the month. That savings alone paid for the cost of the units.”
– Tim Dickinson, Assistant Vice President – Power & Construction Group, Inc.

Safer Operations For Everyone:

Protecting your crew isn’t just a way to reduce risk or save money on liability insurance. Of course, those are added bonuses. Safer operations make for safer communities and roadways for everyone. Small changes in your GPS tracking and telematics solution can have a huge impact on the health of your fleet and employees.


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