Should I use an in-house or a third-party GPS tracking solution?

How Do You Know Your GPS Tracking Device is Third-Party?

First of all how do you know you are buying a third-party GPS tracking solution? The level of tech support you receive when you have an issue, is typically a good indication of whether the GPS tracking device you purchased was made in-house or sold by a third-party vendor.

There are thousands of companies in the marketplace that offer GPS tracking solutions. While most companies purchase their GPS tracking solutions from third-party providers, Global Tracking Communications designs the GPS software and manufactures their GPS tracking devices in-house.

It’s All About Customer Service

How many times have you called technical support to troubleshoot an issue with your GPS software, only to be frustrated with having to call another outside company for assistance How many times have you called an outside company for assistance only to be greeted by outsourced customer service that is anything but helpful?

Too many times to count, right?

Purchasing a product from a third-party vendor can mean the difference between calling your GTC Customer Support Rep and being walked through an easy fix and having to box your unit up and ship it to an outside manufacturer for further servicing. If a GTC client has a problem with a GPS tracking device that needs to be returned for service, GTC will service your product for you and not an outside manufacturer. When you have a problem that you need to troubleshoot, GTC customer service will take your phone calls and answer your questions for you.

GTC GPS Solutions Are About More than Just Saving Money

For those companies claiming to save you money over the competition, though you may save money on their discounted GPS vehicle tracking equipment, what it costs you in technical support on the back-end may be more costly than the initial purchase. As consumers, we do not want to just save money. We want to know when we make a purchase, we are getting the best quality product and customer service possible. That is what GTC provides with each client experience.

Our customer service department is available to assist with any GPS tracking device or GPS software issues you may have with your GTC purchase. We believe in creating positive client product experiences.

Customers purchase with peace of mind knowing that when they have a technical problem, GTC truly is a only a call or click away.