The United States has a system of weighing stations that monitor the weight, safety and emissions of commercial vehicles. The program is overseen by the Department of Transportation and managed by state or local authorities. Weigh station bypass programs allow truck drivers to avoid weigh stations if they have been deemed eligible for a bypass based on safety records, emissions compliance and other factors.

What is a weigh station bypass program? How does it work?

There are two types of weigh station bypass programs: temporary waivers from certain states and permanent exemptions granted to qualifying drivers. If you’re thinking about investing in a weigh station bypass service, read on —- this blog post will be your guide!

Temporary Waivers

Temporary waivers are given to drivers for a temporary exemption from being weighed by weigh stations. Drivers who have been issued a violation free or recent safety violation, as well as loads that don’t meet emissions standards and hazardous materials, can bypass weighing at weigh stations along the way for up to twelve months.

Permanent Waivers

Third-party providers can offer courses that teach drivers the skills, credentials, and legal exception that will qualify them for a bypass program.

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Who can participate in a weigh station bypass program?

Fleet managers are always looking for ways to save money. One way is by participating in a weigh station bypass program and avoiding unnecessary expenses associated with the stop. The bypass programs vary from state to state, but typically they require that the vehicle be enrolled in the company’s fleet management system and have a valid weight certificate on file with their respective department of transportation (DOT). The GPS Trackit dashboard makes it easy for fleet managers to keep tabs on all aspects of their business, including utilization rates, fuel usage, mileage logs and more.

Can I optimize my fleet’s trucking routes to avoid weigh stations?

With a fleet of trucks, it can be difficult to keep track of the locations and routes. This is where GPS tracking comes in handy. With this software, you can know exactly where your company vehicles are at any given moment. You will be able to avoid weigh stations by using smart routing that takes into account modern traffic patterns and possible construction zones.

Should I invest in a weigh station bypass program?

There are definitely benefits to these in terms of ROI – direct and indirect. One of the big reasons fleets have been quick to jump on the bypass bandwagon? Driver retention. One statistic reported by Beacon Transport trucking noted that 65% of drivers said that they are more likely to stay with a company if they provide company-paid weigh station bypass service as a benefit.

Additionally, saving time by leveraging a bypass program can help yield ROI in terms of lower fuel costs and improved ETAs. Transport Topics reported that the FMCSA estimated the value of these bypasses at $8.68 per bypass if the average stop is 5 minutes. So at scale, this can easily translate into large cost savings.

With GPS Trackit’s Open API and integrations with other fleet software, taking your fleet management to the next level has never been easier.


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