Reduce Engine Idling

Create Green Routes

Decrease Fuel Cost

Reduce Engine Idling & Fuel Costs with GPS Tracking

Speeding Creates a 5% to 28% Decrease in Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Statistically, for each 5 mph over 60 mph that is driven, vehicle fuel efficiency is reduced by at least 5% to 33%. Improving dispatching and routing, while using speeding alerts and reports will help reduce instances of speeding, thus, reducing fuel costs.*

Dispatch The Closest Vehicles Using Green Routes

Dispatchers can reduce the environmental impact of their fleet using a GPS fleet tracking system. By dispatching the closest vehicles to a call location, companies are able to route drivers using greener routes. Using a GPS solution they can even add stops to existing routes on the fly to optimize fuel consumption and minimize the impact on the environment.

Empower Your Fleet. Get Real Results.

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