Most fleet managers in the field services and home services industry are aware of the importance of fleet management. But many do not know that they can improve their bottom line by optimizing their route planning, ensuring efficient dispatching, and using GPS tracking to ensure that drivers show up on time for their appointment with a customer. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how these things will help you serve more customers per day for higher profits.

Fuel Cost Savings

With GPS tracking and route optimization from an enterprise-level routing system like GPS Trackit, it’s possible to save money on fueling by ensuring drivers are not driving in circles or going down roads which require more gas than others. Better routing means time savings and fuel savings. And avoiding pockets of traffic also cuts down on wasteful idle time. The savings can add up quickly whether your fleet is starting to grow or has already reached a larger scale.

Driver Accountability

It is important to have accountability for your employees because they are often responsible for what happens with any accidents incurred during work hours. This means if there was an accident at a customer site while the driver was on duty, it’s important to know what occurred. Telematics solutions and video monitoring are easy ways for companies to hold their drivers accountable by being able to track any time an incident occurs in the field.
There’s also benefit here by understanding whether drivers are working the hours they claim to work — you can always see where your fleet vehicles are at any time and whether they’re idling. This is important for fuel cost savings and for compliance in locations where anti-idling laws may be in place.
With transparency of data through technological solutions like fleet management software from GPS Trackit, you can keep your employees safe while still running a profitable business.

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Satisfied Customers

More accurate ETAs mean shorter customer waiting times. Fewer cancellations happen when customers know about any delays. Communication is better because the customer finds out sooner and can plan. This also helps with serving more customers per day — if your services require a resident to be present, having a clear line of communication with the customer is essential to speedy delivery of your work product.

Operating Efficiency & Weekly Added Revenue

With the fleet management dashboard from GPS Trackit, you can do a lot more in less time. You can run your business smarter, faster, and safer with our fleet management solutions.
In terms of ROI, think about the average value of one job. What will happen if each fleet truck handles one more customer per week, without paying out more billable hours to employees and contractors? What is the average value of one customer service call? Let’s say it is $200 per service call.
This easily translates into a substantial number even over a period of time. For our $200 example this means an added $10,000 in revenue per year from one truck. If every service truck gets one more service call each week, then you can multiply that added revenue by the number of service trucks you have running.
Want to see how much of an impact the GPS Trackit solution could have for your business? Try our easy ROI Calculator.


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