Even when the labor environment isn’t as tight as it is now, it’s still expensive to replace a valuable team member. It can cost more than two-thirds of a driver’s annual salary just to get a new person in the door—and that cost only goes up when you’re talking about one of your most valuable crew members. Keeping your highest-performing drivers in place is an important key to profitability, and the right fleet management software can help you do that. These tips will show you how to use this technology to manage driver retention more effectively. 

Introducing Fleet Management Software – What it is and how it can help with driver retention

Fleet management software like GPS Trackit is a powerful tool that can help businesses optimize their transportation services and increase driver retention. It offers a suite of features to make job tracking, dispatch, and routing easier than ever before. GPS Trackit’s intuitive software makes it easy to keep on top of fleet performance metrics such as miles driven, fuel economy, GPS locations, idle time, and more. Using GPS trackers and automated data collection processes, business owners can easily identify both high-performance and potential issues by providing real-time visibility into each driver’s path. Fleet managers can make better decisions, while drivers know their safety is important—both essential components to long-term success in any transportation business.


Identifying the Reasons for Driver Churn and How to Fix Them

Driver retention is a critical factor for any business in the field service management sector. Factors such as driver satisfaction, benefits, and continuing education can all play an important role—but if businesses don’t understand why drivers are leaving in the first place, they may find identifying solutions difficult. Understanding driver churn and what motivates driver turnover can help organizations quickly identify ways to improve driver retention. For example, increasing pay, offering shift differentials, or rewarding experienced drivers with preferred routes could all be factored into improved retention. Additionally, developing better internal processes such as accurate tracking of mileage could benefit both businesses and drivers alike. By deploying comprehensive fleet management software systems to manage driver retention activities effectively, fleets can gain better insights into driver needs and wants. This in turn could lead to improved driver experience and maximized driver retention rates.


Enhancing Driver Performance Through Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

GPS Trackit’s Fleet Management Software can be a real game-changer for improving driver performance—providing real-time monitoring and reporting on each vehicle and crew. Having access to GPS data offers both logistical advantages such as reduced fuel usage and improved scheduling, but also provides insights into driver behavior that can be used to reward good performance—while allowing managers to quickly correct any issues before they become chronic. On top of that, GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities give managers peace of mind by ensuring all drivers are traveling safely and taking the most efficient routes. Whether you’re looking for a way to boost efficiency or trying to attract and retain better drivers, GPS Trackit’s fleet management software promises a powerful solution.


Building an Engaging Environment for Drivers with Reward Programs & Communication Tools

A system like GPS Trackit makes it easy to build an engaging environment for drivers with its powerful suite of reward programs and communication tools. Setting up a reward structure can help reinforce behaviors that are beneficial to your business, from reducing fuel costs and vehicle wear-and-tear to increasing customer satisfaction. Communication tools allow you to easily stay in contact with your team of drivers, allowing for complaints and compliments to be addressed in real-time. One example? A pool service contractor in metro Dallas uses driver performance data in a scoreboard published internally each week. The drivers compete to make it to the top of the performance list, where they’re rewarded with prizes like cash and additional time off. 


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