Superior Pool Service Customer Story

“Superior Pool Service started with one man and a truck helping customers keep their pools clean and working correctly. With over 500 customers to serve each week, Fleet Manager Elizabeth Donald must keep her service technicians and their fleet vehicles working smoothly each day. Elizabeth relies on GPS Trackit to help her know where her service trucks are at any moment. She can answer customer questions to verify that their pool was cleaned, or she can tell them when their pool technician will arrive.” -Bill Rogers, Service Source

Superior Pool Service
Industry: Field Services
Client: Elizabeth Donald

“GPS Trackit is the best live view of where the company’s at, to help keep up with the guys. We know exactly where they are, and where they’ve been that day or that week.”

-Elizabeth Donald, Superior Pool Service

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Fleet Tracking Lets Superior Pool Track Drivers and How Well They Drive

Elizabeth believes that GPS Trackit is the best live view of where her trucks are at any moment. She says, “I use the main locations maps to quickly hop in and see where everybody is. I use the reports a lot.”

“The behaviors report, I use that a lot. Since I’ve been on my drivers about driving performance, they’ve gotten better because they know I’m watching it. I work with 32 men and they love to be the best of the drivers. Kind of like saying, ‘Hey, you’re fifth in line. You better get your behavior score up’ and they love that.“

Elizabeth says, “There are people on the roads that’ll call all the time and say, your guy cut me off. That happens more than you’d think. To be able to look and see, okay, this person calling in is probably correct. This is their behavior recently. So, it just gives us actual data, not just a person’s opinion of their driving, but your truck actually did say you accelerated quickly.”

Their Prior Fleet Tracking Company Had Lapses in Reporting Coverage

Her prior tracking company had issues that forced her to look for a new fleet management service. “We had a previous GPS company that we were using. And they just weren’t quite doing what all we needed them to. So just more accurate data on the trucks of exactly how long they were at stops, exactly how long they were idling.

“But there’d be breaches or lapses in the reporting, and they’d have to send a representative out and come look at it. And it was always kind of a hassle to get anything repaired or to contact anyone. I don’t have time for that. The customer service wasn’t super great.”

GPS Trackit Helps Superior Pool Verify Good Customer Service

Elizabeth tells how fleet tracking helps her, “I run a report every Monday morning, to see how long they were at each pool, to make sure they went to each pool. So it’s helped with staffing just to make sure that we’re holding our guys to all the right standards and they’re meeting them.”

Customers Like Knowing When the Technician Has Visited Their Pool

GPS Trackit saves money by eliminating repeated visits to the same customer. Elizabeth says, “When a customer will call and say they don’t think our guy was there, we’re able to go and look at the GPS and say actually they were there from this time to this time. The customers love that, to know exactly when they were on their property. So that sometimes has saved us from having to send the guy back.”

More Accurate Service Scheduling Keeps Customers Happy

Elizabeth uses the truck locations to help with scheduling. She explains, “When a customer will call and ask, I can check my technician and see where they’re at in their day and say we’re in the intersection for your house. They’re always wowed by the fact that we know where our guys are. So that’s helped us retain some customers. It helps us every day.”

GPS Trackit Helps Retains Customers

Sometimes you want to know that your driver wasn’t at a certain place. Elizabeth tells this story about a customer, “they have a security fence around their pool and they’ve got little kids. So, they’re very adamant about keeping that gate locked. She said our guy was on the property and he left the gate open. I looked into it and he had been out sick that day. I looked at everyone’s reports for the day and made sure that none of our guys happened to be on her property.

I was able to call her back and say, I’m so sorry. We weren’t at your property. I can confidently say it was no one from my company that left the gate unlocked. So that helped us out a ton because she was about to cancel service if it was us.”

How Would You Describe GPS Trackit?

Elizabeth describes GPS Trackit like this, “I would say for us GPS Trackit is the best live view of where the company is at, to help keep up with the guys. We know exactly where they are, and where they’ve been that day or that week.”

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