How Do Video Dashboard Cameras Work for Fleets?

Fleet video cameras provide trucking companies with an added measure of safety and security for their vehicles and drivers. In the event of an incident on the roads, frame-by-frame video footage can allow companies, law enforcement, and insurance companies the chance to review what actually happened.

In the event that a truck’s dashboard footage tells a different story than the drivers involved in an incident, the impact of a collision upon a company’s bottom line is significant.
Additionally, driver cams give fleet management companies the opportunity to monitor the activities of their team.

Video surveillance provides unprecedented insight into the future of the trucking industry, so it is here to stay — much like GPS technology and other monitoring and telematics.

Features of Combined Video and Telematics Technology

Using integrated video and GPS tracking technology, fleet safety managers can log-in and see live views of vehicle locations and driver activity. An integrated platform also allows you to monitor the data of a specific trip and view the maintenance statistics on a vehicle in the fleet.

This has several benefits. It operates as a deterrent to criminal activity, helps you keep an eye on your drivers and their progress, and gives you accountability to your clients as their products are en route. It also helps resolve insurance claims quickly.

False claims can have a devastating impact on both your fleet’s insurance costs and reputation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there has been an across-the-board increase in accidents on U.S. highways. The clear documentation provided by cameras can help you defend your drivers, discourage auto insurance fraud, and resolve claims quickly.

Because the data is stored in cloud technology and is accessible, you can also review times of arrival, check schedules, and view moments after the fact. This provides you with the chance to handle consequences in-house, rather than if you’d outsourced your video monitoring.

Video surveillance gives you multiple views of your vehicle while it is en route. You can keep sight of the driver, as well as forward and backward at your fleet and their surroundings. It’s almost as good as being on-site with your vehicles at all times, for it gives you a perspective on every viewpoint affecting the trip.

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Features of Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance technology has advanced significantly in the past decade, providing you with many options for your fleet management business.

Features offered by video dashboard camera systems can include:

  • Dual dash cam visibility
  • 360° dual-facing cameras
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Instant alerts
  • On-demand video
  • Reliable coverage and high fps recording
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • Optional WiFi transmission
  • HD 150° wide-angle lens on the primary camera

These features work alongside your other telematics systems to provide your business with effective, accurate data, letting you know what’s going on with your fleet at every moment.

Reviewing Driver Activity

When preparing your team for video monitoring, drivers may be skeptical at first about how this benefits them, but you can assure them the cameras will protect their safety. Having footage of their trips protects driver liability and ensures best practices are followed on the road.

It protects them from false accusations or incidents where they’re not at fault. Such accusations can be catastrophic to both your bottom line and your drivers’ morale. Video monitoring provides you with a new layer of protection. You can react to incidents as they happen, protect your employees within moments of potential danger, and have evidence that protects you from threats, higher insurance costs, or lawsuits.

If your drivers aren’t keen on the idea of being watched, you can make it worth their while. Driver incentive programs that reward good behavior can be enhanced by integrated video surveillance and telematics. Employers have a responsibility to build trust with their team, and can do so by utilizing new technology that builds better ways of business.

These innovations will continue to become the industry standard, so it’s worthwhile to show your team how useful such tools can be for them, that way the drivers aren’t intimidated by new technology. Team morale is paramount to good business.

Benefits of Instant Alerts

When an incident occurs on the road, it benefits your business to know about it as soon as possible. Instead of receiving word from your drivers, law enforcement, or another driver’s insurance company, the video surveillance systems from GPS Trackit can alert you immediately through email and text alerts.

Also, there are event triggers, which send out notices to you in the event of specific incidents. Much like how geofencing alerts you to the location of your fleet, event triggers can immediately provide you with knowledge and data at the moment you need them the most.

GPS Trackit offers a variety of options for dashcams and integrated video surveillance systems. They can be customized to suit the needs of your fleet management business. Using the fleet assessment tool, you can determine how your GPS tracking software and fleet management solutions can best protect your vehicles and your team.

If you’d like to learn more about how GPS Trackit can help to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs for your business, speak with one of our knowledgeable Fleet Advisors at 866-320-5810 or get a quick Custom Quote.

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