The Importance of Video Telematics

Video telematics are vitally important to modern fleet management methods because recorded video helps you to understand quickly what happened during incidents that put your business, fleet, and personnel at risk.
Fleet management technology continues to advance, which allows you to have eyes on all aspects of your business. In addition to tracking the locations of your trucks and monitoring the conditions and temperature of your cargo, which improves your customer service, video telematics give you the opportunity to gather video footage of your fleet.
This video footage gives you vital information in the event of an incident, providing you with evidence of what exactly happened in the event of a collision or other accident.
To best protect your assets and your team, implement video telematics within your fleet management system.

What is Video Telematics?

Video telematics is GPS-integrated video dashcam systems that allow you to record footage of trips from your driver’s point-of-view. Surveillance cameras or multi-camera systems protect your business during incidents and accidents.

What Are the Benefits of Video Telematics for Fleet Management?

Effective fleet management systems gather information in real-time about how your company is shipping its goods and serving your customers. GPS tracking systems let you know the location of your trucks in real-time, allowing you to see that everything is running efficiently and on schedule.
Adding video telematics and surveillance cameras to your fleet management system gives you other benefits and more information.

Dual or Multiple Camera Views

The extent of surveillance you embed in your fleet protects you by giving you several angles to witness exactly what happened in an accident or roadside collision. Quick, thorough information is vital in an emergency.
A group of cameras provides you with better and submittable evidence in cases where your driver’s liability or your company’s liability is at risk.

Risk Management and Fraud Prevention

Video telematics prevents fraudulent insurance claims from disrupting your business. The system provides you with the proof you need to determine fault. Your business and your team are protected when video evidence is able to back them up.
Our cameras provide immediate footage of an accident. Our cameras are tamper-proof.

Instant Alerts Delivered to You

Know what happens, when it happens with instant notifications and videos of incidents delivered in less than a minute. Distracted driver alerts can let you know instantly of any errors, whether a driver has difficulty maintaining a lane or a larger issue. Vehicle crashes cost the U.S. economy nearly $871 billion in economic loss and societal harm. Our instant video monitoring offers you the proof your business needs to defend against fraudulent claims. Using video telematics, video transmission, built-in tracking and data can provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road incident.

The Future of Video Telematics

As technology improves, it becomes easier for companies to access information quickly and with more ease. New integrated video systems specifically designed for fleets uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the circumstances of an accident very quickly, including how fast the involved cars were traveling, which helps insurance companies quickly determine fault in accidents and disqualify instances of fraud.

Video Telematics and 5G

As new technology increases the speed at which video footage can be transferred, it eliminates gaps in communication and allows for quicker decisions. Rerouting of your fleet can occur quickly in case of problems. Fleet management systems will be able to troubleshoot issues faster, whether they be temperature-related, traffic-related or accident-centered.
Additionally, improved 5G technology means that you’re able to video conference with your team better with sharper footage and more clarity in sound. Faster networks mean better fleet-wide communication between drivers, managers, and customers. Systems can even be used to contact emergency services quickly in the event of incident.
Improved vehicle-to-vehicle applications may even work to prevent more collisions and accidents in future by working together, making each truck more responsive toward its environment.
Are you ready to find out more about video telematics and how it can work to protect your business? Speak to one of our expert Fleet Advisors today who can help you find the perfect solution for your fleet.