Foodies love to talk about where their food comes from. Now it’s getting easier to track it all the way to your front door, as a San Francisco tech startup has brought GPS tracking into the world of food delivery.

Blog - Hi-Tech GPS Tracking Food, which has spread to eight metro areas thus far, offers customers the ability to follow restaurant orders in real-time. While the old “30 minutes or less” shtick went out the window long ago, TryCaviar figures that hungry people will deeply appreciate knowing exactly when their food will be delivered.

The food is guaranteed to be primo as well. TryCaviar hand-selects interested restaurants for inclusion in the service. Only those with strong reviews and gourmet menus make the cut. In New York, for example, TryCaviar delivers food from Momofuku restaurants that are otherwise unavailable for delivery.

Simple Ordering, Advanced Features..

TryCaviar functions quite similarly to other online ordering services such as Seamless or The site only requires a ZIP code to begin browsing the available restaurants. Pick your kitchen, click what you want, and pay by credit card. TryCaviar aims to set itself apart with the quality of restaurants and features offered.

The inclusion of GPS tracking offers an excellent touch for customers tired of playing a guessing game with online food orders. The wait times can be longer than a typical pizza chain’s times — in most areas, wait times average 50 to 70 minutes — but the real-time tracking lets you relax during the wait and prepare to receive the order when the courier gets close.

That’s right; your food gets delivered by a professional courier. Instead of hoping that your dumplings make it safely on the back of a bicycle, ordering through TryCaviar ostensibly means more of a “white glove” level of service with pinpoint details on the whereabouts of the driver.

In addition to the GPS tracking, customers get other fancy features: advance orders up to six days ahead of time, a waived delivery fee for first-time orders, and a delivery range that generally exceeds what other ordering services offer.

Of all the things being tracked by GPS, why TryCaviar? Talk to us if you want to explore how GPSTrackIt can revolutionize your own industry.

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