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How Can GPS Tracking Software Benefit My Company?

24 Hour Visibility

Keep Teams on Track and on Time.

Although GPS tracking is often used to improve internal metrics such as fuel use and labor optimization, it can also be used to improve public-facing aspects of a business, including customer service.

The ability to respond faster to customer calls and provide more accurate arrival times is extremely valuable to businesses in the service industry.

More recent innovations in GPS tracking software for vehicles and equipment, such as the ability to log engine activity, electrical signals and even sudden directional changes, makes GPS tracking one of the most valuable technologies of the 21st century.

GPS Tracking Enables Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring

GPS satellite technology offers a powerful tool for fleet managers and dispatchers to track fleet vehicles and equipment 24/7, in real-time. With one minute updates, the location of any vehicle can be determined with pinpoint accuracy in almost any location.

In addition to offering vehicle GPS tracking across 80% of the earth, GPSTrackIt uses tracking data to create a wide range of alerts and reports to help dispatchers and fleet managers manage operations more efficiently and cost effectively. Alerts can be triggered by unsafe driving, GeoFence breaches, PTO events, and more. Reports include vehicle trails, usage, engine idling, maintenance, and driving behaviors.



Are GPS Tracking Devices Legal?

GPS Tracking devices offer great features including saving money, insurance discounts and protecting investments. If you own the vehicle or asset it is perfectly legal to install a GPS Tracking device. Consult the current federal, state and local laws when applying GPS Tracking system to a vehicle or asset that is someone else property.

GPS Tracking Laws

How much does GPS Tracking Cost

Depending on specific needs and quantity GPS Tracking ranges in price. The return on investment is considerable weather monitoring a entire fleet or a family vehicle. GPS Tracking costs return capital by lowering maintenance fees with scheduling, reducing unnecessary idling, tax write offs and limiting employee misuse.

For more information on how much a GPS Tracking system will cost, call 866-320-5810 or Request a GPS Tracking Pricing

Additionally, Fleet Pro Enables Managers and Dispatchers to:

GPS Trackit offers a comprehensive suite of tools for tracking, route planning, scheduling maintenance, and reporting. Fleet Pro networks Fleet Manager™ software to customized GPS tracking devices to generate map displays, satellite images, and hybrid views of vehicles. Even traffic conditions can be called up via GPS to help dispatchers get drivers to their destinations faster. With GPSTrackIt, historical GPS tracking data is available 24/7.

Locate vehicles on demand
Track vehicles in real time (one minute updates) and replay vehicle trails for specified periods
Optimize routes to reduce fuel usage and improve customer service response times
Compare vehicle trails to assigned routes
Schedule maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake adjustments
Monitor driving behaviors like rapid acceleration and hard braking
Monitor seat belt usage
Run reports on individual drivers/units or on groups

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