If you are considering incorporating a GPS fleet tracking solution (whether you have 2 vehicles or 2oo) into your business, you’ll need to consider several options, features and functions that various systems provide.

Although you’re very busy and don’t want to spend hours and hours on your research, you still want to make sure the investment you’ll make and the specific product you’ll choose is going to be the best for your company, your fleet, and your budget.

It’s safe to say that the most important feature of any GPS management system is to see the locations of your vehicles, but you need to make sure you pay attention to features other than just the actual location feature.

GPS tracking savings being left on the table?

GPS Fleet Tracking Software Stats
Did you know that in general, 90% of users of these systems only use 10% of the features of the software they buy? This means that they are leaving a lot of money on the table that they could be saving. When used properly a GPS tracking solution can pay for itself with a few months.

So, make sure that you get the most bang for your buck and use the system to it’s fullest potential. You and your pocket book will be glad you did!

If you’re not so familiar with the field of GPS fleet tracking software and are just starting out with a system, you’ll want to consider a simple plug-in installation as well as a Web interface that is very intuitive, user-friendly and almost self-running, depending upon the business’s need.

Your team will be able to plug it in, log into the system and track right away. Ease of use is critical when prosperous, busy companies and employees need an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Some of the most useful and popular features of the new tracking systems of today that you should strongly consider include:

  • The GPS tracking feature itself
  • Detailed reports
  • Vehicle location history
  • Alert options

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With GPS tracking, you’ll be able to use familiar map interfaces to see the location of your vehicles in real time. Detailed reports will allow you to monitor your fleet at a glance, and you’ll be able to spot trends in activity easily and quickly, saving you thousands of dollars every year in vehicle expenses and maintenance.

With vehicle location history, a business will be able to look over past activity of vehicles and pull reports as needed for use in a variety of situations. Alert options are convenient because you’ll have the ability to set up activity alerts of varying types via text,  or email. Helping to keep drivers safer, while reducing expenses as well as saving on emissions and helping the environment. With the right system a business can have access to their vehicle activity whether on a desktop, laptop. tablet or smartphone 24/7/365.

As an additional benefit of GPS tracking, businesses have recouped their vehicles and equipment within hours of them being stolen. The best part? Recouped with no damage and in perfect working order.