For most field service businesses, growth is more complicated than simply deciding to allocate more resources for crews and vehicles. Adding clients and increasing revenue has to first come from the assets you already have in place. 

That’s where a good field service management business comes in. 

Rick Angel manages Gosch Towing and Recovery in Hemet, California. Gosch is responsible for the AAA and sheriff’s department calls in a wide swath of Riverside County. To cover calls and have the ability to give estimated response times to his clients, Angel needed to know where his trucks were in real-time. With GPS Trackit’s field service management platform, Gosch was able to reduce its average route time by 20 percent—increasing the number of calls each truck could take during a shift. 

The improved efficiency was a great feature, but just as important to Angel is the ability to look out for drivers who often have to go to isolated locations. “We had a driver in the middle of nowhere doing a recovery who needed help, and we couldn’t locate him,” says Angel. “I was able to click an icon on my phone and the app directed me right to where he was. We were able to complete the recovery and get him home safe.

Vehicle management technology helps you grow your field service business in other ways, as well:

Reduce variable costs

It’s hard to grow when costs get out of control. With field service management technology installed in every vehicle in the form of a GPS-enabled monitor, you can see where your crews are in real-time—and have comprehensive data on how each vehicle is being driven. Simple changes to driver behavior like reducing idle time, avoiding hard starts and stops, and staying at the speed limit can improve organization-wide fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent. 

Keep clients informed—and satisfied

An informed customer is a happy customer. With real-time truck location information and the ability to more accurately predict how long a job will take—and how long it will take the crew to get to the next stop—vehicle management technology can give you the power to almost see the future. GPS Trackit’s FSM platform integrates location information with a communication link between crew and dispatcher. Instead of giving a client a vague time window…We’ll see you on Tuesday, or the tech will be there between noon and 5…you can give much tighter time windows and inform clients exactly when a crew arrives and when it completes the job. When clients get what they expect and get it when they expect it, they tend to be satisfied—and remain customers over the long term. GPS Trackit’s platform integrates 


Attract talented and experienced crews

Vehicle management technology lets you compare and contrast all crews on the safety and efficiency of their driving—and reward those who perform the best on the metrics you identify as most important. If you consistently reward high-performing crews, you’ll not only be able to retain your best workers but will also offer a strong incentive for talented, experienced workers to join the team. In a tight market, good crews want to work where their talents and efficiency are recognized and rewarded. A good field service management platform gives you the tools to do that. 

For more information on how GPS Trackit can help you grow your field service management business, schedule a free demo with a Fleet Advisor today