New functionality provides customers with enhanced workforce management capabilities. It also streamlines the accounting and payroll processes.

Temecula, CA  July 13th, 2015 –  GPS Trackit has added a new feature to its Fleet Manager vehicle tracking and workforce management system. Crew Management was suggested by a customer. The company developed the new functionality to meet their needs.

CutExpensesGPS Trackit released the new feature last Monday. It has already garnered attention from customers who had similar needs.

“Crew Management is a great feature from a payroll perspective for a variety of industries that deploy more than one person per vehicle, especially in the lawn mowing and landscaping industries,” said Jeff Alsop, of FleetTrax, a Texas-based customer. “Payroll can be effected exponentially if there are discrepancies on hours for crews vs. one driver per vehicle.”

“The new feature enables field workforce managers to add crew members to specific vehicles,” said Eddie Bermudez, Product Development Manager for GPS Trackit. “The report shows time/date/location information, the name of the driver and assigned crew members. It also shows the amount of time the vehicle has been at a landmark as well as the amount of time the crew members have been at the landmark.”

“If you pay your employee $10 per hour and we save you 1 hour per week per driver, then you get a $40 savings per month,” said Alsop. “Now think about a crew. If you have 4 employees per vehicle and we save you one hour of payroll per week per crew, that’s $160 in payroll savings per month. It bears out that any payroll discrepancies are drastically augmented when you are dealing with a crew vs. a single driver.”

The new crew management feature is available now for Fleet Manager customers. For more information, customers should contact their sales representative.

About GPS Trackit:
GPS Trackit was established in 1999.  For over 15 years it has been a leading North American supplier of GPS tracking and fleet/mobile workforce management services.  Located in Southern California, GPS Trackit is dedicated to providing the most innovative, cutting-edge GPS technology backed by the best customer service in the industry today.