If you’re one of the more than 24 million people in the United States who enjoy golf, technology has given you another tool to help improve your game. Two new systems provide golfers with game tracking comparable to the methods used by the pros.

GolfGPSThere are already a number of applications on the market for calculating yardage. The new systems go much further by GPS tracking each individual shot. While it took the PGA several years and technicians to create their ShotLink system, two companies have quickly stepped in to harness the technology for public use.

Both Game Golf and Arccos Golf are enabled by light sensors screwed in to the butt end of a golf club’s grip. Here’s a closer look at the features of each system.

Game Golf

Game Golf includes a sensor that you charge up and attach to your belt. It automatically finds your course, then you tap your club to the sensor before each shot so it gets tagged. Afterwards, you plug the sensor in to your home computer to view the results.

Using your computer gives you the convenience of a larger screen for better visibility. One drawback cited by users is the need to remember to tag each shot. Once you’ve played a few rounds using Game Golf, the tapping becomes more of an ingrained habit.

Arccos Golf

Arccos Golf is currently available only for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Once the sensors are activated, the program tracks each shot, providing the distance as you walk up to the ball.

This system compiles an impressive array of statistics, surpassing the data provided by Game Golf. You can find out information such as average driving distance, putts per hole and fairways hit. While the screens are smaller, the graphics of Arccos are more sophisticated than those of Game Golf.

Both programs calculate statistics per club, which is necessary information for anyone looking to improve his game. Game Golf is the less expensive of the two, while Arccos is good for the more technically proficient.

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