GPS Trackit Improves Map View to Help Customers

The developer team at GPS Trackit works hard to make the Fleet Management platform easier for customers to use. Lately they’ve launched two new improvements that make it easier to locate your fleet vehicles on the map. 

These new improvements are helpful when you have many fleet vehicles visible on the same map view.

  • There may be so many vehicles visible that the vehicle names overlap and make it hard to read them.
  • You may also need to see details about only a few vehicles visible on the map.

These improvements started when GPS Trackit customers used the GPS Trackit Feedback tab to ask for help in seeing their vehicles more easily. Lead User Experience Designer, Jessica Hall explained how those two requests received enough votes that they saw how these features could be useful to all users. “The Feedback tab is a cool feature in itself, because it allows our customers to be heard and be a part of the improvements that we are making across the app,” said Jessica.

Here’s how GPS Trackit listens to customers and chooses which requests will be made by the software developers. Jessica went on to explain, “If there’s something that’s missing, here’s where we really love to hear from our users. And we actually do implement these things that you’re telling us. So it doesn’t just fall on deaf ears. We actually review this feedback daily. Then we share that with the developer team”.

How to Select Specific Vehicles in the Fleet Management Map

Here are the changes that the GPS Trackit team made to the map view based on customer requests. First let’s look at the draw tool.

If you have too many vehicles on the map, but you’d like to see details about only a few of them, use the draw tool. Click on the draw tool icon to the right of the map. This turns your mouse cursor into a line drawing tool. You can see in the image how the user made an oval around 3 vehicles in the central Florida map. Then a list of details about all vehicles in the oval appears on the right side of the screen below the Selected Units title.

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How to See Fleet Vehicle Names in the Fleet Management Map

Now let’s look at how the map lets you easily read vehicle names even when there are too many vehicles visible on the same map view.

GPS Trackit is always listening to customer requests in the Feedback tab, and if the request gets enough votes from other customers, we will often use that idea. As Jessica told us, “When other users are telling us there’s value in it, we can feel good about doing that for everybody. So it kind of validates our decisions. We go ahead and implement it. So that’s something that kind of gives our users control and where we take that next. We’re gonna make this customer happy and it’s gonna add value to everybody”.

If you’d like to learn more about how GPS Trackit can help to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs for your business, speak with one of our knowledgeable Fleet Advisors at 866-320-5810 or get a quick Custom Quote.

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