CMS Mechanical is a Florida based interior climate solutions company providing the systems and infrastructure to seamlessly perform HVACR repairs.

Founded in 1993 and known as, “one of the most respected, tested, self performing full service HVACR service companies in the nation,” CMS Mechanical has offices in PA, VA, LA, NC, AL, TN, and TX, to provide top-notch service to its clients nationwide.

With fleets in eight states, for CMS to strengthen company operations, it was important to streamline, organize, and provide a more reliable solution to tracking and locating their vehicles.

CMS was comfortable implementing a tracking device thanks to the easy installation, top-notch customer service and the amazing technical support products offer, even from a different time zone.

One of the key things that was a concern for management was the time zone difference. That has not even been an issue. The experience has been excellent! Their technical support staff is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.” – Edwin Barreto, CMS Representative.

The dual role of the L2000 and the exceptional customer and technical support team is the reason CMS purchased from

The L2000 GPS tracking hardware is not only a GPS tracking device, but also provides 3G internet connectivity, allowing field techs to connect laptops to the unit for remote wifi capabilities.

Businesses like CMS are learning how great this feature is for increasing productivity in the field.

Implementing a GPS tracking device within their multi-state fleet has allowed CMS to:

  • Provide more accurate billing
  • Improve dispatch times
  • Improve driver accountability

Advanced Features Help Improve Bottom-Line

GPS tracking hardwareThe features available have been a big bonus. In a rare case, we’ve been able to track down accident information, like how fast someone was going, which has helped with regard to insurance costs.”

Determining who is at fault and where responsibility falls in an accident means the difference between the company or the employee being held accountable for those expenses.

The real-time data from the L2000 alerted CMS of technicians who were ‘stealing’ company time.

Our products and services provided CMS the tools and resources to:

  • Proactively manage and eliminate instances of time-theft
  • Reduce errors from manual inputs
  • Reduce time spent verifying actual hours versus hours reported
  • Catch any discrepancies in time-sheet information
  • Save the company time and money prides itself on providing premier GPS products and services, while assisting companies with meeting their tracking and location needs.

Click below if you want to consider a GPS tracking solution from to provide more accurate billing, improve dispatch times, and improve driver accountability for your business in the new year.