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USDOT Proposes Groundbreaking Rule to Prevent Rollover Crashes for Nation’s Large Trucks, Buses & Motor Coaches

In an effort to,“prevent up to 2,329 crashes, eliminate an estimated 649 to 858 injuries, and prevent between 49 and 60 fatalities a year,” the NHTSA is proposing a new federal safety standard that will require large commercial trucks, motor coaches, and other large buses to use electronic stability control (ESC) systems.

The ESC systems use sensors that monitor vehicle movement and steering. This helps prevent rollover crashes using automatic computer-controlled braking to help drivers to correct over or understeering.

The use of telematics and GPS vehicle tracking equipment helps to improve driver accountability, reducing instances of unsafe driving habits.

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Conducts Bus Safety Inspection Sweeps in 13 States and the District of Columbia

The FMCSA, along with the USDOT and the NHTSA, are ramping up efforts to increase and improve safety on US highways and interstates.

13 states were doing rain or shine inspections of buses and their drivers in an effort to make sure bus maintenance and driver compliance is up-to-date.

Companies using vehicle tracking solutions provide a more accurate log of maintenance history for review during inspections.

NHTSA Hosts Technical Workshop on Electric Vehicle Safety

With the increase of companies turning to EV fleet use, the NHTSA decided it was necessary to hold a technical workshop on electric vehicle safety.

With sales of some EV units expected to more than double in 2012, the NHTSA is taking a proactive approach to maintaining vehicle safety on our highways.

EVs using GPS monitoring help to create an even greener fleet, saving even more on annual fleet costs.

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