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This weeks news focus is on distracted driving.

Employees Use of Cellphones While Driving Becomes a Liability for Companies

In the wake of the $21 million settlement in the Coca-Cola distracted driving lawsuit, companies have learned how much of a liability it is for them when an employee is guilty of talking on the phone during an accident.

Lawyers are not going after the employees who are driving and texting, but the companies they work for.

Improve fleet management systems by reducing instances of distracted driving using a GPS solution, along with an enforced cell phone policy.

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Jury Awards $21 million to Woman Struck by Coca Cola Truck in Distracted Driving Case

An employee of Coca Cola was talking on a cell phone when they struck a woman causing her to lose her arm in 2010.

A jury awarded her $21 million because they felt the cell phone policy the company had in place was vague and not sufficiently enforced.

Proper driver training, the enforced use of a cell phone policy, and a reliable GPS vehicle tracking device can help fleet managers to cut distracted driving risks.

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Zoomsafer 2nd Annual Distracted Driving Survey

This week Zoomsafer released the results of their 2nd Annual Distracted Driving Survey.

The results are show that companies are realizing the negative effect distracted driving can have on their bottom-line and are taking measures to correct it by establishing and enforceable cell phone policy.

Along with a cell phone policy, using GPS mobile tracking to monitor an employees driving behavior will help to further increase driver accountability.

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