When comparing vehicle tracking systems, it is important to evaluate the various features, customer feedback, technical support, and integration with field service management tools and other third-party applications. However, it is also critical to assess the user interface of any vehicle tracking system you are considering.

Four Reasons to Use a Vehicle Tracking System with a Simple Interface

It’s not difficult to find a vehicle tracking system that provides all of the essential information you need, but if it’s hard for drivers, dispatchers, and managers to use, you won’t get the full value from it. The user interface is the first element that employees see.  If they are overwhelmed or intimidated, they are less likely to use it to its fullest potential. On the other hand, if the interface is simple, elegant, and easy to navigate, you will be better able to optimize your fleet, which means saving time and money.

If you are evaluating vehicle tracking systems, consider these four reasons to look for a simple user interface:

  1. Less training time – Time is money, and hours spent training are some of the most expensive because they impact productivity. The easier it is to use your GPS tracking system, the less time you and your employees will have to spend learning how to use it. Don’t think of just your existing staff; remember that any new hire will also have to learn the system, so the easier it is, the faster they can start being productive.
  2. Increased user adoption – There is no point in having a feature-rich GPS tracking system if the majority of the features are ignored because the interface is too difficult to use. A simple interface increases user adoption so you can get the most from your investment. If it is easy to run reports, set up geofences, create alerts, and manage a maintenance schedule, you and your employees are more likely to do it.
  3. Quick decision making – Analytic reports take a simple user interface to the next level. Not only can you get detailed reporting information at the click of a button, but you can also quickly track data changes over time. This snapshot view gives fleet managers the ability to make quick decisions based on real information.
  4. Versatility – Remember that the user interface is not just limited to computers in the office. A good vehicle tracking system will also have a simple interface that is optimized for smart phones and tablets. You want to be sure that every employee that interacts with your fleet can use the system easily, no matter where they are.

GPSTrackIt has designed an easy-to-use vehicle tracking system that provides all the information you need to optimize your fleet. Our customers constantly comment on the simple user interface and how easy it is to start using the system right away with minimal training. View the online demos to see for yourself how easy it is to manage your fleet with GPSTrackIt.

How much easier would it be to manage your fleet if you had a vehicle tracking system at your fingertips?