When it comes to finding an ELD solution, there are just as many potential pitfalls as there are opportunities for success. With just about everyone and their dog jumping on the compliance caravan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the flood of providers who have suddenly taken an interest in trucking. While it’s good to have options, one major problem that keeps coming up is the fact that some of these providers are complete newbies when it comes to dealing with the wonderful world of DOT/FMCSA compliance. Why? Because they’ve never worked with trucks or fleets before.

Pictured: A newcomer to the fleet software world shows off their ELD solution.


Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Unfortunately for those affected by the ELD mandate, this extended amateur hour has produced an onslaught of false information and ridiculous claims. How does someone looking for compliant ELD devices and software tell the good from the bad? Here’s a hint: If you see someone claim their ELD is “FMCSA-certified”, run. Fast.


Wait, why am I running?

Because there are tons of providers in hot pursuit of your business and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop making this claim anytime soon. The thing is, they’re wrong. The FMCSA does not certify ELDs.

That’s right…the FMCSA does not certify ELDs.


But if the FMCSA doesn’t certify ELDs, who does?

The providers do. Every ELD provider needs to self-certify their ELD solution before they can be listed on the FMCSA website. This self-certification process involves a thorough assessment of the ELD solution to ensure that it provides everything drivers need to log their HOS in compliance with FMCSA standards. Once self-certification is complete, the ELD solution is registered (NOT certified) with the FMCSA. If a provider is claiming that their ELD is “FMCSA certified”, what they probably mean is that it’s registered on the FMCSA website. Not certified. Why?

Because ELDs are self-certified by providers, not by the FMCSA.


It's not you, it's the FMCSA.

Yeah, yeah I get it. So what are my options?

Now that you know what to avoid, we can talk about what to look for. Remember that FMCSA website we mentioned earlier? That’s a great resource for finding solutions that have been self-certified and registered with the FMCSA. While the FMCSA cannot guarantee that any of the solutions on that list are perfect, there are several ways to tell if a solution won’t be sufficient for your fleet’s HOS compliance needs. Use the ELD Mandate Survival Guide for reference when investigating the qualifications and functionality of various solutions.

Want to learn more about the FMCSA ELD mandate? Visit ELD Fleet Web Page