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The ELD mandate compliance deadline is on its way…is your fleet prepared? GPS Trackit offers a powerful, FMCSA-registered ELD solution that will help you comply with confidence. ELD Fleet™ delivers a comprehensive suite of HOS-compliant fleet management tools, giving you everything you need to stay on the right track.

Electronic HOS and DVIR
DOT Roadside Inspection
Easy, Compliant Logging

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ELD Fleet: Comply With Confidence


Send Electronic Transfers

Be capable of electronically transferring (via wireless web services or email) log data to an authorized safety official. OR Be capable of electronically transferring (via USB2.0 or Bluetooth®) log data to an authorized safety official.

Provide Automatic Recording

Provide automatic recording of certain events (including Date, Time, Engine Hours, Vehicle Miles, and Location Information) at specific intervals.

Provide Automatic Entry

Provide automatic entry at 60-minute intervals while the vehicle is in motion, upon each change of duty status, whenever an engine on/off event occurs, and at the start and end of certain status changes (Personal Use and Yard Move).

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Visual Graphs

Have a displayed or printed graph grid showing the driver’s status changes.

Annotations and Edits

Allow for annotations and edits to be made on ELD records, without permitting these revisions on original records.

Detect Inconsistencies

Be able to detect certain malfunctions and data inconsistencies.