Overtime is expensive, but sometimes necessary to fulfill customer orders or provide a certain level of service. However, when you use tools like GPS tracking to complete work while minimizing or avoiding overtime, the investment quickly becomes worth it.

Five Ways to Manage Overtime with GPS Tracking

  1. Optimized dispatching – When a customer calls, your dispatchers can quickly determine the closest vehicle and dispatch them with an integrated two-way driver communication system. The faster you can fulfill customer requests, the less overtime you will have to pay.
  2. Timesheet verification – If overtime hours are starting to stack up and you’re not sure why simply run a report to confirm that a driver was where they were supposed to be at any given time. The knowledge that you can verify time sheets also significantly reduces driver mistakes in timesheet submissions.
  3. Smart route planning – Schedule the most efficient route at the beginning of the day to ensure that your drivers can complete all necessary work in the allotted amount of time. If they get re-routed during the day, they are just one click away from a new optimized route if you have the right GPS tracking system.
  4. Notifications and vehicle tracking – Find out whether a driver goes outside a certain area, when they arrive or leave a customer site, or when the idle for too long. If you use smartphones or tablets for field service management, you may even be able to determine whether the driver is with the vehicle when they are supposed to be.
  5. Power take-off alerts – Do you have heavy equipment in the field? Your GPS tracking system can confirm the location of these vehicles, but can it tell you whether the equipment is actually in operation? If you have a GPS tracking system that monitors power take-off events, you can confirm that workers in the field are actually working.

Not every GPS system comes will all of these useful features, so make sure you check with your provider before you invest in new equipment. GPS Trackit will work closely with you to ensure that you have every feature you need to manage your fleet efficiently and save money on overtime, vehicle maintenance, and fuel costs. Want to learn how much you can save with the right GPS tracking system? Speak with a GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor today and check out our ROI Calculator to calculate how quickly you can get a return on your investment.

How much have you paid in overtime this year? How much of that do you think could have been prevented with the help of a GPS system?