GPS Tracking Oil Gas IndustryThe oil, gas, and mining industry comes with some inherent safety risks. Some of these will always be beyond your control, but the potential risks that you can predict should be avoided. A GPS tracking system can help you monitor employee activity and encourage safer behavior. This not only protects your personnel and assets, but also helps limit your company’s liability.

Five Essential GPS Tracking Safety Features

In addition to real-time mapping, time sheet verification, and many of the other GPS tracking features that can help you run your business better, these five safety features will help keep your work force safe:

  1. Seat belt alerts – A good safety policy includes a seat belt requirement, even when driving slow-moving vehicles. Make your policies enforceable with seat belt alerts that tell you when a driver is not complying.
  2. Speeding reports and alerts – Driving too fast is an avoidable safety risk that you can prevent with speeding alerts. Drivers who know they will trigger an alert if they go over a certain limit tend to be more thoughtful about their speed.
  3. Hard braking alerts – Hard braking is not only bad for vehicles, it can also result in collisions that might damage vehicles, property, and personnel.
  4. Rapid acceleration alerts – Hard braking and rapid acceleration are both signs of aggressive driving, which is a primary cause of accidents. Prevent aggressive driving behavior by monitoring these activities and taking corrective action when necessary.
  5. Instant alerts – Sometimes accidents happen when employees are not in a vehicle. In the remote locations where the oil, gas, and mining industry typically operates, cell phones or other means of communication are not always possible. A key fob with an instant alert button can help protect employees in the field, even when they are not in the vehicle. In the event of an accident, the employee simply pushes the button and a signal is sent using the vehicle’s GPS tracking system so help can be deployed as quickly as possible. 

Keeping employees safe in the oil, gas, and mining industry is a big responsibility. Using a GPS tracking system makes it easier to monitor employees in the field by automating processes. Employees who know that their activity is being monitored behave more safely.

If you are interested in learning more about how GPS tracking can help keep your employees safer in the field, get in touch with GPSTrackIt. We’ll help you find the best solution for your business so you can have peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to keep your workers safe. Request a quote today to learn more.

How do you currently monitor safety in the field?