Companies that work in the oil, gas, and mining industry must make significant investments simply to keep a business running. Although the rewards are often well worth the risk, it makes sense that business owners and managers would want to protect those investments along the way. Fleet GPS is a valuable tool that can help improve safety, prevent theft, and provide many other important benefits.

Five Fleet GPS Benefits for the Oil, Gas, and Mining Industry

  1. Improve driver behavior – Enforce safety belt regulations, prevent speeding, and reduce hard braking and fast acceleration with alerts and reports that help you monitor driver behavior.
  2. Lengthen vehicle life – Gentler driving with better driver behavior causes less wear and tear on vehicles and equipment. Get maintenance reminders based on mileage or engine hours so you can keep vehicles operating smoothly.
  3. Protect employees – Instant alert devices allow employees in the field to call for help through the GPS system, even if they are not in a vehicle.
  4. Reduce fuel budgets – Monitor excessive idling and unauthorized vehicle use to cut down on unnecessary fuel costs. Use the route optimization feature to ensure that vehicles use the most efficient routes when going from site to site. Keep costs down with company fuel cards and use reporting tools to ensure that employees use them effectively.
  5. Streamline operations – Two-way driver communication tools make it easy for you to update workers in the field with new assignments or changes in direction.

Bonus Benefit: Fleet GPS is Not Just for Moving Vehicles

One important benefit of fleet GPS that many people are not aware of is the ability to track and monitor equipment. A piece of machinery does not have to be mobile to be monitored. You can use GPS tracking to keep an eye on the location of generators, mixers, trailers, and other equipment that you want to monitor.

Your GPS tracking system can tell you where each piece of equipment is at all times so you can easily re-assign it when necessary and get alerts when it is moved. You can also monitor its activity by setting up alerts and reports for PTO events. This will help you monitor operations from a distance and schedule maintenance more effectively.

If you are considering fleet GPS for an oil, gas, or mining company, work with the experts at GPS Trackit to find the right solution for your needs. We’ll ensure that you know how to use every feature to its fullest potential so you can get the most from your investment. Speak to a Fleet Advisor to get started today.

How do you currently track vehicles and heavy equipment?