As the landscape of work continues to shift away from the centralized staff together in one place at one time, you need to find ways to optimize your mobile workforce. With ever-changing regulations and customer demands, it’s important to have the right platform in place for managing your field service operations.

Effective mobile workforce management can help protect your drivers, ensure real-time communication between team members, make customers happy, cut costs, reward team members for their contributions, and grow your business. Let’s break down how a platform like GPS Trackit’s Field Service Management Solution can help you reach those goals. 

Real-Time Communication 

Having real-time communication between all levels of the organization is key when managing a mobile workforce. With GPS Trackit’s Field Service Management Solution, you can track driver location and monitor job performance while ensuring compliance with safety protocols and other regulations. This way you get visibility into what’s happening in the field across your entire fleet, in real-time. You can also receive notifications when a job is completed or if an issue arises so that it can be addressed quickly and efficiently. There’s a direct and obvious benefit to customer service, too: Customers get accurate information about where their technician is and when they can expect them. 

Cost Savings & Improved Productivity 

GPS Trackit’s Field Service Management Solution also helps small business owners save money by eliminating guesswork from the equation. That means no more overstaffing or understaffing for jobs! Plus, it reduces fuel costs by monitoring engine idling times and routes taken so drivers are taking the most efficient paths possible from job to job. Teams stay productive throughout their day by having access to all of their tasks in one place, and the ability to update job statuses as soon as tasks are completed. This means you have an accurate overhead view of your fleetwide productivity at any given time. Finally, GPS Trackit’s Field Service Management solution offers tools for tracking time and expenses associated with each job, which means you can quote future work more accurately. 

Team Member Satisfaction and Retention

One of the most important benefits of a mobile workforce management platform is that it helps businesses develop better driver reward and retention strategies. The software enables owners to track their drivers’ performance over time and reward excellent performance with incentives such as bonuses or promotions. The most experienced and valuable drivers want to work for a team where their performance is recognized, and mobile workforce management software does just that.  

Your business is unique, and so is the best mobile workforce management solution for your application. To see exactly how you can use better technology to reduce costs, improve customer service and keep your best drivers, schedule a free demo with a Fleet Advisor today.