How AI-Powered Dash Cams Improve Safety & Compliance

Since the invention of cameras, they have been used for various purposes from art to invention to security. The latest advancement in camera technology is AI dash cams.
Dash cam technology has come a long way from its humble beginnings to create an effective solution for fleets who want to improve their safety and compliance standards.This new trend offers a number of benefits to fleet managers and drivers alike. With a simple touch of a button, these AI-powered dash cams can monitor your drivers’ habits and keep them safe on the road while also helping to fight truck accident fraud with more accurate data.

How Does AI Work with HD Cameras?

AI-powered dash cams are the future of safety and compliance. With a single camera, AI can monitor oncoming traffic and your driver to make sure drivers follow company policies and regulations. The use of AI-enabled cameras is growing by leaps and bounds every year as companies find creative new ways to utilize this technology. Thanks to the power of 5g and the IoT, these connected cameras send data to your fleet management system so that all of the data points are at the ready, in real-time.

How Do AI Dash Cams Improve Compliance?

Dash cams are quickly becoming the norm, and AI-enabled cameras for fleets are the next leap forward when it comes to safety and compliance. The cameras, which include a variety of features from facial recognition to collision detection, have been shown to reduce accidents and improve driver safety. And while these cameras may seem like an invasion of privacy for some drivers, they’re actually helping to create a safer environment on the roads.
The AI in these cameras is able to recognize when there has been an accident or traffic violation and record it automatically. This data can then be used by insurers and authorities as evidence if necessary or can help pinpoint who was at fault in a car accident with minimal hassle.

How Do AI Dash Cams Reduce Liability?

According to a recent study by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drivers who use dash cams show a significant drop in the amount of crashes and near misses! This is because the cameras themselves act as a deterrent, making other drivers aware that they are being watched.
When powered on, the AI dash cam notices any accidents or traffic violations automatically. The camera records this event and flags these events so the video is easy to find and use for driver safety coaching. You can then present evidence of any incident captured on these recordings without requiring human intervention or interpretation. The AI software also works with collision detection so that when an accident happens it will automatically record video from the event to make sure your driver has their story documented correctly.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing AI-Powered Dash Cameras?

Overall, dash cams have been shown to improve driver safety, reduce traffic violations and accidents, while increasing compliance:
• Reduces fleet risk (liability) by enabling AI to identify who is at fault
• Increases ROI for fleets on their video surveillance through the use of facial recognition
• Reduces accident occurrences and traffic violations with collision detection features

How GPS Trackit Can Help

If you’re serious about taking your fleet management and tracking to the next level, there are several ways we can help. Our VidFleet™ AI-enabled dash cameras interface seamlessly with our video telematics platform and fleet management software.

If you’d like to learn more about how GPS Trackit can help to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs for your business, speak with one of our knowledgeable Fleet Advisors at 866-320-5810 or get a quick Custom Quote.


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