Here at GPS Trackit we have always listened to our customers’ feedback and worked to improve our products. With our latest product update, we’re excited to introduce a new enhancement to our telematics tools: the AEMP API interface. This update isn’t just a step forward—it’s a leap toward redefining fleet management standards.

What is AEMP API Telematics?

AEMP API Telematics Integration is a technology that makes managing a fleet of vehicles simpler. It’s like a common language for different types of equipment, so they can all share information easily. This means fleet managers get to see consistent, accessible, and accurate equipment data from multiple sources, regardless of the manufacturer, which helps in making quick and smart decisions. It’s all about getting the fleet to work together smoothly and giving managers the info they need in a straightforward way.

Telematics Challenges 

Modern fleet operations are full of challenges, from the integration of disparate data sources to the real-time tracking of assets. Fleet managers often wrestle with:

  • Job Planning: Organizing and scheduling jobs efficiently.
  • KPI Tracking: Monitoring key performance indicators, like daily productivity and tonnage per hour, to measure success.
  • Machine Health: Implementing remote diagnostics and maintenance schedules to keep machinery in top condition.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Minimizing the environmental impact of operations while adhering to compliance standards.

GPS Trackit’s AEMP API Interface Integration

Our new AEMP API interface directly addresses these industry pain points. This product update is a testament to our commitment to providing adaptable, reliable, and comprehensive fleet management tools.

1. Unprecedented Data Standardization

With the AEMP API standard, GPS Trackit leaps into an era of unified data communication. Our interface transcends manufacturer-specific protocols, delivering a fast and accurate data stream for all your fleet equipment. Furthermore, by automating and integrating with our existing systems, we have now found a way to help equipment managers and operators.


Imagine a dashboard that presents a harmonious view of your entire fleet—trucks, light-duty vehicles, and heavy equipment—regardless of brand or model. Moreover, this interface acts as a universal language for telematics data, enabling clearer oversight and smarter fleet management.

2. Real-Time Data for Proactive Management

Real-time data transmission is critical for fleet management. Our AEMP-compliant API facilitates immediate updates and alerts, ensuring that you’re always in the loop with what’s happening on the ground. Consequently, this allows for better accuracy, significantly reducing the risk of mismanagement or loss.


Receive alerts the moment a vehicle exhibits signs of a maintenance issue or when a piece of equipment exits its designated geofence. Such timely notifications can drastically reduce downtime and enhance the security of your assets.

3. Optimized Equipment Lifecycle Management

Integrating the AEMP API with our GPS Trackit platform transforms how you’ll view and manage your fleet’s operations. This combination doesn’t just show you the numbers; it helps extend the life of your equipment, minimizes idle time, and enhances the overall performance of every asset you manage. By fine-tuning maintenance schedules and making well-informed choices about your fleet, you will be ahead of the curve.

Example: Data on engine hours and fuel consumption, provided by our API, allows for an analysis of equipment usage patterns, paving the way for data-backed decisions on maintenance and fleet optimization.

The New Standard is GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit is not just adopting the AEMP API standard—we’re challengers in it. Our latest update is a reflection of our dedication to advancing fleet management technology, making it more intuitive, integrated, and insightful than ever before.

Your Next Step in Fleet Management Excellence

With the launch of our AEMP API interface, we’re inviting all fleet managers to experience this transformation. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, upgrade real-time decision-making, or maximize asset usage, GPS Trackit is here to ensure your fleet’s performance is always at its best.

Step into the future of fleet management with GPS Trackit. Explore the benefits of our AEMP API integration by visiting our product page. Additionally, for a deeper dive into how our latest product update can revolutionize your fleet operations, contact our customer support team at [email protected]. We’re here to turn your fleet management challenges into opportunities for growth