The Benefits of All-in-One Fleet Management

In this day and age, being streamlined and efficient is more important than ever. That’s where an all-in-one platform comes into play. 

The key to fleet management is efficiency. Juggling multiple vendors can be costly and overwhelming to manage. The best solution is to consolidate your fleet management needs into one unified platform.

A Pro Research study found that nearly 50% of businesses manage relationships with 10 separate vendors. Nearly 60% said the time spent managing those relationships keeps growing. 

You can save time and costs by using a fleet management tool that consolidates all of your needs into a single platform. Your business will begin to streamline its processes and reap ample benefits.

ELD Compliant Software Features from GPST Trackit, highlighted on a semi truck graphic.Everything You Need in Fleet Management Software

Empower your fleet with cutting-edge technology, features customized to your needs and 24/7 monitoring without hassle.This means you need versatile fleet management software with live support, mobile access, and online collaboration.


Consolidate Your Fleet Management Data

Using separate technology systems complicates your access to data more than a streamlined fleet management approach because software from different vendors often doesn’t communicate as it should. 

When you’re suffering the headache of trying to figure out what separate reports are saying about your fleet, you miss out on insights a consolidated system would have provided. 

A unified platform combines all of your telematics tools in one dashboard, making it easy for you to find connections among the information and troubleshoot problems more quickly. In the same place, you can identify the efficiency of your drivers, the temperature in your refrigerated trailers, and the locations of your fleet. 

A consolidated platform saves you headaches. It also saves you time and money.

Use a Single All-in-One Vendor to Save Time and Money

All-in-one fleet management platforms state their value right there in the name. Having a single vendor means no longer wasting time negotiating with multiple companies, answering repetitive emails, dealing with customer service representatives, and a mess of invoices at the end of every month.

Collaboration with a single business allows you to build better relationships. A company that knows all of your needs can better serve you at a lower cost. 

Stacked technologies are less expensive. They improve your bottom line.

Customize Your All-in-One Fleet Management Platform

An ideal fleet management solution should feature:

Monitor your fleet in real-time on mobile devices, increase your customer satisfaction, and decrease your operating cost.

Our state-of-the-art telematics systems help your drivers navigate traffic hotspots, and let you track when your trucks reach specific milestones using our GPS technology. 

Our temperature monitoring systems comply with the latest national guidelines and alert you to any critical changes in the weather. Our driver scorecards help you understand the needs and concerns of your team.

GPS Trackit provides you with peace of mind about your fleet and your drivers. With GPS Trackit, you create a system that works efficiently for you. Want to learn more? Contact one of our Fleet Advisors.

Are you ready to learn more? Talk to a Fleet Advisor today.

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