Big Rig Trucking companies benefit from higher fuel economy standards for new vehicles.[companyInfo]

Read the latest from industry publications on information related to FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration):

Electronic Inspections and CSA Compliance

Paper-based driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) are quickly becoming obsolete within the compliance, safety, accountability (CSA) program. Defects noted in DVIRs are early indicators of what violations will be found by DOT officers during roadside inspections. Converting from a paper to an electronic inspection process can help motor carriers prevent violations and safeguard safety ratings.

NTSB Says Investigations ‘Raise Serious Questions’ About FMCSA, Asks for Audit of Agency

NTSB says its findings “raise serious questions about the oversight of motor carrier operations.” The findings come in response to investigations into four accidents in which collectively 25 people were killed and 83 more injured.

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FMCSA Plans CDL Changes to Attract Veterans

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said Nov. 8 that it would change several regulations related to the commercial driver’s license program as soon as possible to make it easier for military veterans to obtain commercial driving jobs.

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