Manager Catherine Praeger on GPS Trackit’s Solution for Alliance Environmental and AirTek

“…The added benefits of a larger wireless coverage area have allowed us to reap the benefits of real time tracking…. technical customer service has been stellar.”

Company: Alliance Environmental Group and AirTek Indoor Air Solutions

Industry: Environmental Contracting and Indoor Air Quality Contracting

Fleet Size: 100+ vehicles

Websites: and

Results: Company Wide Cost Cutting and Improved Customer Service


Catherine Praeger, Operations Administrator of Alliance Environmental Group and AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, tells GPS Trackit about their industry and target customers:

Alliance is an environmental contractor specializing in hazardous abatement including asbestos, mold, lead, demolition, and pest control.


“AirTek is an indoor air quality contractor specializing in air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning, as well as healthcare services such as fire damper inspections and infection control.


“Our clients range from residential to commercial and include many insurance providers and contractors who work with fire, flood, and other insurance claims for homes and businesses.


“AirTek is primarily residential with business from heating and air conditioning contractors for larger commercial projects.”

Alliance Environmental and AirTek operate a fleet of over one hundred vehicles throughout California. When researching GPS tracking systems, Praeger was looking for a solution that would reduce costs and limit waste while also providing clients with real-time estimated time of arrival information.


What drew Alliance Environmental and AirTek to GPS Trackit?

We were attracted to GPS Trackit because of the low cost and ability to lease units. We needed a system that was user friendly and an easy transition.”

Praeger explains how GPS Trackit helped the companies achieve their GPS tracking objectives and how operations have improved:

Adopting GPS tracking has allowed us to achieve our goal of company-wide cost cutting and improved customer service…the newer units along with the added benefit of a larger wireless coverage area have allowed us to reap the benefits of real time tracking.


“Having GPS tracking has allowed us to compare variable data to factual data to ensure labor costs are accurate and waste is limited…since implementation we have lowered labor cost significantly.”

Alliance Enviro and AirTek have used other GPS Tracking software in the past, but claim GPS Trackit is equipped with the best tracking options at the lowest price.

We enjoy the simplicity of the user interface and the ability to install units on our own without the added cost of installation…we appreciate that GPS Trackit continues to evolve and improve its services and are grateful that our input for improvements is taken into consideration.”

Overall, Alliance Environmental and AirTek have benefitted from their use of GPS Trackit and would suggest to other businesses looking for a GPS Tracking system to:

Weigh your options before deciding to purchase a GPS tracking solutions … keep GPS Trackit on the top of your shortlist.”

GPS Trackit is pleased to accommodate the needs of Alliance Enviro & AirTek, and looks forward to providing great GPS tracking services to other first time customers, as well. Want to share your GPS Trackit Customer Success Story? Contact us for a place in the Spotlight here!

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