We’re excited to announce the launch of VidFleet™ – smart dash cam video that gives you the power …. GPS Trackit’s video offerings provide fleets with a comprehensive range of solutions from forward-facing to multi-camera, and from 360-degree dash cam views to the most advanced AI in the industry.

In-Cabin Voice Coaching Improves Fleet Driver Performance

VidFleet gives you the power to reduce risk and liability while increasing profitability. VidFleet uses AI and in-cabin voice coaching to increase driver safety, improve their behavior and performance, and link fleet managers to their teams in the field. With VidFleet smart video, in-the-moment voice alerts help to coach drivers for better safety and improved performance.

You will reduce accidents and insurance costs by improving driver safety with our advanced AI dash cam. This easy-to-use and install solution allows your fleet management customers to reduce complexity and save time to get real-time information they need to better manage their fleets.

Better Fleet Driver Coaching With Voice Alerts

Improve fleet driver performance with verbal cues that warn the driver when they are accelerating or braking harshly or driving distracted. Many existing systems warn drivers with only a bell sound when the system detects risky driving behaviors. This is ineffective and outdated. What does a buzz or bell do anyway? Voice alerts tell the driver exactly what went wrong so they can correct it easily. Coach drivers better with in-the-moment voice alerts.

VidFleet Dash Cams Help to Prevent Accidents

VidFleet’s greatest benefit may be in helping to prevent accidents. Fleet drivers that use dash cams are less likely to cause an accident. As a driver works with the vocal warnings they will gradually reduce risky behaviors. This decrease in speeding, hard turns, harsh braking and distracted driving eliminates the most common causes of fleet vehicle accidents.

While fleet drivers increase fleet costs with risky driving behaviors, drivers of passenger vehicles around the fleet vehicle also present risk. Data reveals that it’s the other driver who caused the accident up to 80% of the time.

Video Dash Cams Provide Evidence to Protect Your Business

Fleet owners and managers who can correctly assign blame to the non-commercial vehicle who caused the crash – and thus exonerate their own driver – can save countless dollars in settlements or high-dollar court judgments. These so-called “nuclear verdicts” exceed $10 million and often contain extensive punitive damages.

VidFleet smart dash cams record video in the crucial seconds before and after a driving incident. This video is uploaded to your system where it can be found quickly by your fleet managers. This video can be used to coach your fleet drivers, settle an insurance claim or protect your company from expensive courtroom liability costs.

Dash Cam Video Prevents Insurance Fraud

With the recent rise in truck insurance fraud, it’s common for fraudsters to deliberately cause an accident and file false claims for expensive injuries and damages. If you can’t disprove the false claims, your company is at risk for increased insurance premiums or loss of your commercial liability insurance. VidFleet dash cams can protect you from these false insurance claims.

Vidfleet is one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve driver performance and protect your business.


With in-the-moment voice prompt driver coaching, intelligent actionable reporting and the industry’s clearest picture, the VidFleet smart video solution can protect your drivers, your reputation and your bottom line.

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