Managing your fleet vehicles can often seem like herding cats. They’re out of sight going in all different directions, leaving you at the mercy of regular and accurate communication with your drivers. Trying to put your arms around all these moving parts means that a lot of things can fall through the cracks, costing you time and money.

The good news is that you don’t have to go it along. GPS vehicle tracking can literally and figuratively be your eye in the sky, giving you an effective way to monitor your fleet and get real-time data. A GPS system is on the job 24/7, never getting tired or forgetting important information.

Here are five valuable ways GPS can assist in fleet management. How many of these could you use help with?

  • Efficient customer service is vital to a successful operation. With GPS tracking your vehicles, you’ll know their exact locations at all times, allowing for quicker and more precise dispatching. No longer will you have to constantly juggle call-in reports to figure out which driver is closest.
  • You have to take it on faith that your drivers are following safe, cost-effective driving procedures. GPS provides information about speeding, idling and hard-driving incidents enabling you to follow up with drivers, saving money and preventing potential legal issues such as tickets.
  • Drivers have to deal with unexpected delays from construction, accidents and other obstacles. Broadcast traffic reports are often incomplete and seldom timely. With a GPS system you can map out the most efficient routes thanks to real-time road condition reports.
  • Your fleet investment needs to be maximized with regular maintenance that extends the life of your vehicles. GPS collects accurate information that you can use to determine exactly when servicing is required.
  • Information can be accessed via iPhones, iPads and Androids, eliminating the need for an expensive, proprietary means of access.

A vehicle fleet is one of the biggest investments for any business. Don’t leave your fleet management up to guesswork and uncertainty. GPS vehicle tracking provides complete and accurate records of all the data you need for effective, economical operation of your fleet and drivers.